Chinatown Fair 11/19 Results!

The only Capcom game that was held was CvS2. (14 people entered)

  1. Arturo Sanchez (C-Todo/Yamazaki/Blanka)
  2. Jawan “Just1Moe” (K-Raiden/Sagat/Blanka)
  3. Andy “CitiofBrass” (K-Sakura/Rolento/Hibiki/Balrog)
  4. Mih “mr fantastic” (A-Vega/Bison/Blanka)
  5. Peter Sussini “FlashMetroid” (C-Rock/Rolento/Blanka)
  6. Nick T. (forgot what teams used)

There was also a Tekken 5.1 tourney on the same day with 31 people. Results copied from Censei on Tekken Zaibatsu:

1st: Brian H - Paul
2nd: FBI - Bruce, Julia
3rd: Blood Red - Lei

once again thanks to everyone for showing up and entering cvs2. especially the out of towners like mr fantastic (good looks on that blunt) and the Port Authority guys that keep showing up and shit, you guys are all really devoted to the game and it shows, you guys really do keep improving cause every time I play you guys it always gets a little bit harder and harder for me :karate: You guys are definetely showing lots of progres. Just a litle further and you guys will be straight up beasts.

No love to RagingStorm101, whom I see post on the forums alllllllllll the time asking abotu cvs2 strats but when it comes tourney time, can’t drop down $5 bones to play. :lame: I understand that people have stuff to do irl, like work school and other obligations, but if you’re not going to enter, then why even bother showing up.

if everyone showed up like they said they would, we would have had a 20+ man tourney easy

Where were the mvc2 players? is this game fuckin dead or something? i never see anyone play it at cf anymore, does everyone just go to Remix’s house now? noone showed up for marvel.

3s scene in NYC is fuckin pathetic. Once again, heads show up, but only for casual…there was no Justin or Flash there, so wtf is your excuse now? Don’t tell me you guys are scared of kofiend or myself (especially when i dont even play) :tdown:

I had work at the last minute, so I couldn’t go.

Ah well.


Toronto 3S > *

Sup Turo? T7 IS COMING! :tup:

I used various things.

C-Ken/Guile/Sagat r2
A-Vega/Sakura/Blanka r2
A-Vega/Rolento/Sakura r2

After messing around with those 3, I feel the most comfortable with the last one.

I feel bad for the Doyles. They showed up for ST from out of state, and there was no ST because nobody showed up.

yeah good shit everyone

i played a-honda/vega/blanka btw

can’t believe i fucked up game clinching ccs like four times :’(

see you guys around at neccccccccc

Man, the rest of us back in NJ so fucking called that~

hi fives all around

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Also props to Fat Joe.

His JDing was nice.

I don’t think that they have to travel too far - and anyway it gives them a chance to play against the local dickless st akuma playing contingent.

:confused: :confused: :confused:

Thats the point though. Outside of like justin, flash, peter kang and like 2 random people, nobody plays ST at CF.
I could be wrong, but I barely see anyone play.

Good games to everyone, i wish more people would have enter. David(Zangief), Jeron, JustinW, Sanford and all of the ramndom people who usually show up and enter… It was still good. FlashM is sick with A groove…

Damn, 13 peeps is a good showing. I’m definately doing one next month. It should be the 10th since Im busy on the 17th. You guys decide what date you guys want. Tell me what you want here.

Kofiend Is Nothing!

Actually Elias was the one to call it while we were playing last night, but we pretty much all shook our head in agreement.

E. Honda style~


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CTF 3s first eva money game? gogogogo :clap: