Chinatown Fair 11/19 Results!

RagingStorm101… What happen…?

damn i should’ve went. The only reason i didn’t go is becuase i didn’t think anyone would show. Response was really low in the tourney thread. I’ll try to make it to the next one

HAHA look at Peter placing 5th, goooo Miami.

Good shit Art.

I couldn’t go cause I had to wish 2 seperate girls a Happy Birthday. Did get my arcade fix by going to Barcade in Brooklyn.:party:

Unless they moved, the Doyles afaik live in Manhattan and the Bronx.

Hey, I play ST…the few times I actually show up at CF. heh heh. 2 weeks ago, I think I was playing nohoho on a Friday night

Damn, that’s mad hate for ya. I hope you calm down a bit.

Hey Art, I hear you have my Sirlin book, I hope to see it back again someday.

challenge as in for wat? money? casual?
jus use urien
its over for me!

you don t even have the money to wager, i don t take seashells

i concede. maybe another cf player will take up your chellenge?:tup:

I thought they lived in Jersey. :-/

Finally some 3s Drama. Save it for the next Tourney. Haha.

So Dec 10th or Dec 17th? I can run the 10th but not the 17th.


Lol you know dam well theres not going to be a 3s tourney waste of time blah blah blah

3s tourneys at cf r dead i guess its bak to NJ
lol seashells! u assho!

Um yea your a month late on that one. Back to NJ? What are you talking about?


He never enters cuz he gets OWNED and he told me “I would rather play 10 games than 1”

i’m really pissed off the tourney didn’t happen for 3s again… this is bullshit

We’ve got a bunch of guys who like the game and can’t put up some tourney action? What is this about? I seriously don’t give a shit about the lack of ppl either anything more than 4 ppl is a go for me… Or make the thing cheaper… I’ll lower the entrance fee till it happens… and there is a small cab for those casual huggers so no one can complain

God damn it now I’m pissed and imma going to make sure it happens next time

Preach on :clap: :tup: hows school btw i never get to see you cause my classes run on the weekend hit me up on aim when you get the chance.

i finally decided to swing by since there was a T5 tourney as well…
then i was told there was no 3S tourney for me to get womped in

sucks cause i dont usually come by CTF on saturdays :shake:

damn i get beasted on cuz i don’t enter a tourney lol. now i feel guilty for not entering lol. OKAY…next time. You guys will probably start the tourney too early for me though; i got school till 6 pm in CT lol.

Yo Justin! Im hoping that T7 will have the momentum that T6 had!
The yelling and ranting of Canada Canada after Ricky and Justin lost in 3S and with all of us walking away with our heads down was too classic!!!:clap:
Reminded me of a true heel/face moment!!!

Good stuff to all the guys in the tournament btw and to those same guys that compete every tournament or so thats dedication! You guys ARE CF!!!

3S gets no tournament love anymore!!! lol

I’ve decided not to have a tourney in December because NEC is on the 3rd. ANd people are saving up for that. The 10th is the week right after NEC so people will not want to spend another $20+ on coming out to NY and playing a tourney. And also there is a tourney for other games at the Anarchcade on the 17th. The following Saturday, Im sure everyone would rather do something EXCEPT go to a tourney on Chritmas Eve.

Wait till Janurary.