Chinatown Fair 3rd Strike weekly 2v2 #1 RESULTS!


8 Teams (16 players)

1st. Team “Training Day” Daemonato (MA) /Green Tea a.k.a “Ethan Hawke”(KE)
2nd. Team “Kyousha Alliance"HOLD DAT!(KE) / Nica K.O(YA)
3rd.Team “The Dukes Of Hazard” HARD BREAD(DU) / Mutant XP(NE)
4th.Team “I’ll get back to you on that later” Greek(KE) / Tweleve(TE)
5th.Team “Doylestown can’t take care of their 3rd Strike board” Adam(YA) / Vizard(YU)
6th.Team “DX” Ahmed(KE) / Gonzalez (IB)
7th.Team “Dude From Denmark” Shim(KE) / Nohoho(AL)
8th.Team"Don’t show up to your own Tournament” Flare(RY) / Diaper Bomb(AL)

First off I wanna thank everyone who came out and supported this event, Without you guys this wouldn’t be possible. This event was SO HYPE it felt like it was 2004 again! Apparently there was a reporter who interviewed me to put our event to raise money for a head to head Astro City setup into a newspaper. He didn’t tell me his name nor which paper he worked for he just said he was gonna sent our interview to a couple of papers he works for and come to me with a follow-up. I really don’t know if he was legit or just another random dude but it was cool that he showed up and took interest in this. So that said and done here are some Highlights:

Team “Training Day” Knocking out Team “Don’t show up to your own Tournament” in the first round sending Flare’s team into losers.

After being Sent to losers By “The Dukes of Hazard” , Nica K.O of “Kyousha Alliance” Upsets Flare and Diaper Bomb eliminating them from the tournament.

A dude from denmark comes from nowhere and wants to enter but doesn’t have a partner so we get CF’s own dedicated ST player Nohoho to team up with him, Nohoho later almost with a full bar comeback against Greek with his alex but was taken out by Greek’s team.

Rising from the losers Team “Kyousha Alliance’s” Nica K.O with another upset defeated Team DX’s Ahmed by stunning with with a juggle combo with the last hit stunning Ahmed for the win.

Flash G Showed up out from nowhere to watch the finals and embarrassing Ahmed by asking him " Who are YOU?!"

HOLD DAT! beasting on players WITHOUT A PAD!!!

At the end it was down to the last set, neck to neck between Team 'Training Day" Vs. Team “Kyousha Alliance” but in the end down to a close one Team “Training Day” defeats Team “Kyousha Alliance” 2-1

Again, THANK YOU to all that made it out here. Flare and Diaper Bomb thank you for coming down here all the way from PA, and to everyone who keeps this game alive cause 3rd strike is far from dead! If we keep this up we’ll have a Head to Head setup in no time. I hope to see everyone again at the next one, Next Friday and to keep showing support and keeping 3s alive!

Thanks Everybody!



Tourney was hype, couldn’t get 1st place but i wont give up…everyone played so fucking solid. Props to Flare, Diaper Bomb and the PA crew for coming through. It was also really cool to see Shim again :smokin:


Im Salty.


lol sorry about that


You and Flash G dood lol


Yo guys, GGs. I guess I’m gonna have to get used to the CF sticks cuz I was really struggling on them at times. Either way I had a good time in casuals and the tournament and it was cool hanging out with you guys (Greek, Mutant XP, Tweleve, Duke, KOFriend). Sorry we left a lil early on in the tournament but we had an appointment with Korean BBQ. Dunno if I can make that many of these weeklies but I’ll try to make it to at least one a month. Til then.

P.S. Mutant, that dish I got at X.O. was fucking GODRIKE


It was good seeing you again man, next time we need to hang out after


Ahmed is gdlk

3rd strike forever

Thanks for carrying me NICA.


3s is trash


you just shaved 30 years off your life with that statement son


This is 3rd Strike!


Fixed for truth.


i fucking love this game.


In the words of Mr. Quotes, 3rd Strike isn’t dead, it’s undead!

Yo Tweleve, we’ll definitely hang out next time. Show me how to play Vampire!


Duke is serious bizness…SERIOUS BIZNESS


n 30 points of his iq


:rofl: that was pretty funny

and yes that quote “3s is undead” is pretty true too lol


I got you :slight_smile: