Chinatown Fair 3rd Strike weekly 2v2 #3 [04/02/10]

3rd Strike 2v2 Weekly’s @ Chinatown Fair 04/02/10

Chinatown Fair
8 Mott Street(between Chatham Sq & Mosco St)
New York, NY 10013


Start Time 7pm Sign ups At 6:30pm
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike 2v2 Teams
Entry fee is $20 per team 10$ a person
Double Elimination - 2/3 Rounds 1 set
Losers/Winners/Grand Finalas 2/3 Sets
Pay per play since it is the Arcade 1 token(25 cents) The first match of the event I’ll pay for the first two players up :slight_smile:
Character Locked and NO TWO CHARACTERS ON THE SAME TEAM! (You can Change Super arts)


50% of the pot will goes towards a Head to Head Japanese cab setup (2x New Astro City) at Chinatown Fair for 3rd strike!
The other remainder of the pot will go to the winner. All of the 50% of the pot will be given to Henry Cen to put into a Safe for Safe keeping. This is why the entry fee is 10$ a person. If we keep this up we will have Head to Head at CF in no time.

Okay, Last weeks was canceled because a few people had their own beliefs and dropped out last minute leaving not enough teams to run the event. Please, If you believe that 3rd strike is dead and that it’s our generation’s Super Turbo then do me a favor, STAY AT HOME!! Please don’t enter and push your beliefs on the people who care about the game, we don’t care about you or your beliefs. That is all. For everyone else who wants to get a H2H 3s setup at CF you are all welcomed to enter. Thanks for your support.

3rd REICH !!!

People need to stop fagging out and enter the damn tourney so we can get our fucking H2H set-up…Whoever thinks they deserve to play on cabs they didn’t even help to get should drink a bottle of anti-freeze. Seriously people, fuck all of this “the game’s dead” shit and play. Shit was mad hype last time. I’m not going to call out names, people were all for it and now want to back out, whoever doesn’t want to support our 3s scene can eat a dick.

lol at tweleve

What happened last week?? I MIGHT be able to come out this week… we’ll have to see how work i can get done ahead of time. If not this than hopefully the next.

Even if 3s is dead or you think it’s dead… it’s still a fucking h2h cab!

Also people acting like you can’t play more than 1 game at a time…sheesh.

damn it, im eating fish with the family this friday :sad:

ill make the next one though for sure!

Hit me up on AIM and I’ll explain.

Hmm seems im actually on this thingy… well anyways i guess im in this… dont know who im with but whatever… lol

I won’t be able to make this one, but EXCELLENT idea Sean!

Bump for tomorrow’s HYPE!!!


im rocking the man with the mask tomorrow. im really hype.

btw need a partner

just double posted. :tdown:

too much hype. :tup: :woot: