Chinatown Fair 3S Players Thread

Sup, this is Ant (RYU, Q) just seeing where everyone from CF is… post here if you play at CF.

Whats good?

(Alex) player from FL here. Since when you play Q? Anyways I might hit back NYC Labor day weekend. So I see you guys there I guess.


I had to edit this, I was being WAYYYYYYY too cocky over nothing, sorry Ricky.

CTF 3s ranking battles

Me and KO are mad cool now, so yeah.

i don t think we NEED a rematch…we went 1-2 first game, then 4-0 when i used yang…
but you ll see me around if you wanna play.

btw- not to be an asshole but casuals is like…nothing, if ricky knew you were gonna brag i m pretty sure things would be different.

Again, I was being an arrogant asshole, LOL!

no no no, i misunderstood you then, i thought you were saying “we NEED a rematch” like you were sour, my bad.

as for ricky…what top player would like being talked about like that? ricky doesn t really talk shit but if so, good for you then.

as for playing “done up”, i ve been doing it for the past year, just enough to get relaxed is perfect, too much is too much, we ll chill the next time around

“Done up” haha, I can play any other game done up, but 3S… I play different is all I can say. My reaction time is a bit slower, I guess I have to get used to it. I been getting done up for the past 8 years, I should be used to it sometime soon! (I stopped smoking around when 3S came out for a little while though, then got back into it hardcore like 2 years ago.)

Yeah, I wasn’t sour about that match! You are mad good, you inspired me to use Yang too, unfortunately I suck with him lol… most wins I got with him was like only 15, oh well. Anyway, see ya soon bro, peace.

take it easy guy

hey im the random guy who picks remy / necro

and i lose alot.


I use Akuma,Ryu and Ibuki. I might go down this friday.

yeh i m thinking about heading down there on friday, i have to see what happens during the week cause i m in the process of moving(sitting on crates eating cheese steak as i type), don t expect much though, i haven t had the chance to play in a bit

Yo ant, could you describe yourself? On the only day that I went to CTF I saw this (excuse possible racism) white guy, seemed pretty punk play shinkuu Ryu, was pretty cool :smiley: he was playing this asian (Sorry again) ken who just couldn’t be kicked off!

Yeah… that’s me lol, I don’t remember which Ken it was though, Ken is hard to fight with Ryu… or just about anyone, but I refuse to use any top tier characters because I know one day… low tiers will rise! No, seriously. Who were you Kesh? By the way, I’m not white lol, Puerto Rican/Italian, and not a punk, just random :stuck_out_tongue:

hahah sorry about that, my perception is…well obviously off. The first thing I thought when I saw you though was ‘damn this guys got balls bringing ryu vs ken, unless he’s frankie…’. You showed some skills tho, think you took him down a couple of times. I was just an indian kid walking around strutting my scrubiness that is chun/dudz. But yeah, mad props to you and your ryu, hopefully I’ll play ya.

I was there one day when you were playing everdread he was drinking a 40oz. lol. At least I think that was you. It was madd funny when he you into the super for the win.

Yeah, doug is mad good with Remy, he’s just like me… we pick lower tier characters as people pick top tier characters. (Hope you understood that.)

I don’t care who disses me but, I think Ryu is the best character in the game, and that’s not on some selfish shit either, I like everybody, but I think he’s the best, but it depends on the person who picks him too.

Shit man, I definately feel u on that one.
Look at me I like to pick Remy,Ibuki,Akuma,Yang and Ryu.
All of those characters take massive damage except for Ryu.
Plus when you win you feel like da shit :tup:
Low Tiers and Low-Mid Tiers are all fun.
Some people pick who ever can get them the easiest win
and others pick who they like the most. It all comes down
to your pref. no1 can tell u shit.