Chinatown Fair 3s Roulette Team Tourney

The format for the tournament was each player contributed to a team point, instead of both players going 2/3 it was 2/3 for the team. We got 12 entrants and people drew from a mcdonalds bag the 6 teams were

A: Akuma/Bacardi: Hugo/Urien(Chun-li)
B: Spooky/Peter: Yun/Hugo(Makoto)
C: ZTB/Master Chibi: Ibuki/Q(Remy)
D: Kevin/OZ: Necro/Dudley
E: Albert/Zaeler: Yun/Ken
F: ???/??? For their own good I wont name them. Ken-Q/Makoto(Chun Li)

Team A - Vs.A X-x/ Vs.B 1-2/ Vs.C 1-2/ Vs.D 2-0/ Vs.E 2-1/ Vs.F 2-0

Team B - Vs.A 2-1/ Vs.B X-x/ Vs.C 0-2/ Vs.D 0-2/ Vs.E 1-2/ Vs.F 2-0

Team C - Vs.A 2-1/ Vs.B 2-0/ Vs.C X-x/ Vs.D 2-1/ Vs.E 1-2/ Vs.F 2-0

Team D - Vs.A 0-2/ Vs.B 2-0/ Vs.C 1-2/ Vs.D X-x/ Vs.E 2-1/ Vs.F 2-0

Team E - Vs.A 1-2/ Vs.B 2-1/ Vs.C 2-1/ Vs.D 1-2/ Vs.E X-x/ Vs.F 2-0

Team F - Vs.A 0-2/ Vs.B 0-2/ Vs.C 0-2/ Vs.D 0-2/ Vs.E 0-2/ Vs.F X-x

Final Tally

Team C 9/4 (5)
Team A 8/5 (3)
Team E 8/6 (2)
Team D 7/5 (2)
Team B 4/7 (-3)
Team F 0/10 (-10)

For team C this was their second pairing in 2 tournaments.


Team D wasnt having team E be in a playoff by taking a much needed win from team E go ing down 2-1 team E needed to go 2-0 to force a playoff with team A

Team A didnt even want to be together eventually deciding not to waste entry fee and play together it turns out they worked pretty well together…random urien held shit down for a minute since he didnt have it down perfectly it turned out to be that much more effective of a mindrape.

Everyone thanks Team F for adding to to the pot…and not much else…

Still a fun tourney as always tho Short went out a few times mid tourney which sucks because it dosent normally do that. oh well ill know better for next time and try to get work done the friday before the tourney

I forgot we found out the hard way we were using board B when Bacardi got his urien unblockable blocked

Team low tier FTW omgwtfbbq :rofl: good job zar and chibi

Peter here. nice playing/meeting everyone yesterday. I haven’t played in a year and just started going to CTF again on the weekends. I’ll be there at the next one. Akuma, hugo represent.

Sup Peter. Thanks for the team.

Anyone who recorded VIDS and needs me to host, pm me.

Heh, I don’t play 3s seriously enough to compete. Its alright though, I’ll be there to add to the pot next month.

…Unless I get a partner who is top tier.

Hey, you’d better name us, or I’ll lose to you a jillion more times >:(

(I…might do better next time.)

Go go team BALLERZ!

Dick Tracy Q for the win!

I’m super proud of myself~


thx and good ish to all the ppl that still support 3s by entering lame team tourneys and not caring about the $$ so much.

good heaping ish to akuma for co-coordinating and posting the results (cus you know damn well my ass is too lazy to post a chart that organized and ledgeable). stay focused and i wont go nazi on you next time.

yo son, yo son. i copped this phat-ass platinum, jewl encrusted rolex, kid! (inside joke)
your Q is stepping up, but i have this feeling you’re going to drop him in 2mths :rolleyes: .

team ballerzzz!! aka …(Again?)

@ mouko:
your hugo was pretty tight and you surprised me w/ an even sicker makoto (randum! :looney: ). you should go to cf on fridays if you really want to tune your 3s game up. show up at the next event, ok.

plays 3s once a mth but can still manage to do>sa3. wtf.

man, my bad. i fucking suck for not knowing that the cab we were playing on was verB. :confused: . i’ll see if i can get henry to switch boards ,and fix buttons the day before the tourney, next time. good shit w/ ‘thong man’. you pulled that one out of your back pocket lol.

@Oz and Mariodude:
practice, practice, practice, practice, practice. then practice more. come to cf on fridays and you’ll adjust in no time.

again, thx to all yall that entered and went out of your way to attend. i hope the next one will be as fun/random. maybe some ‘top-tier’ players will show up =) .

Nah, Q is here to stay this time, count on it.



WHY NOT :looney: :looney: :looney: :looney: :looney:

@Oz and Mariodude:
practice, practice, practice, practice, practice. then practice more. come to cf on fridays and you’ll adjust in no time.*

Will do. BTW, does anyone know when/where the videos are going to be posted?

hey go to the gt nj tourney that chibi is hosting the more tournies the more practice
u see

Ehh, New Jersey…too far. >_>

Oh come now, it takes me two hours to get to CF man, the more practice you can get in, the better ;O!

also its console plus there are casuals and random games too

Plus min will be there ;O!

One of these days i’ll be able to consistantly hit confirm.

If I could go all the way to New Jersey to play 3S I would, but I can’t. =/

i havent had any time to upload any of the vids, but get around to it soon:tup: