Chinatown Fair 4/21 Results!

Marvel and CVS got cancelled. 3S had 16 players! Thanks to everyone for coming out that came. It was nice seeing all the out of state players like Kei, Quotes and a bunch of other people. Heres the results!

Third Strike
1st. Kzai: [Yun SA 3]
2nd. Arturo: [Alex SA 2]
3rd. Hold Dat: [Ken SA 3]
4th. Juan: [Ken SA 3]
5th. Jeron: [Elena/ ChunLi SA 2]
5th. David: [ Oro SA 1/2]

Super Turbo
1st. Jeron: [Vega/ O. Sagat]
2nd. Fred: (Nohoho) [Blanka]
3rd. Arturo: [Dhalsim]
4th. Kei: [DeeJay/ Zangief]

Vampire Savior
1st. Jeron: [Rikiou/ Felicia]
2nd. Nohoho: [Victor]
3rd. Valentino: [Random Select]
4th. Akuma: [Hsien-ko]

Arturo has the Arcana Heart results he’ll post them up. There was also a DR tournament. Spero Jin won and Brian H came in second. Anyway good games to all till next time!

WTH happened?:sad: :sweat:

Kzai is too beastly, good tourney.
I’m getting really lucky at CTF, first the vending machine gives me two extra mountain dews and then the token machine gives me 12 tokens. Makes getting pwned feel alot better.

Jasmine checking CF results from Japan, wtf???

Everyone remember, next week I’m throwing a Web2Zone ranbat with more TVs and NO LAG!

Arturo, good luck next week with Arcana hearts at Showdown. Be sure to call Emotiongear a gay anime fanboy since I won’t be there to do so.

Arturo posting

The 4th Arcana Heart Toiurney at Chinatown Fair Results
(12 people)

1.) Arturo Sanchez - Heart (Lang-Gong, Gier)
2.) Andre “HeliJago” - Mei-Fang (Lang-Gong, Gier, Tempestas)
3.) Ken “someaZndude” - Saki (forgot which arcanas used)
4.) Derrick R… - Kira, Maori, Lieselotte

Thanks to the Melty Blood community again, for coming out and allowing me to have a tourney again. It’s pretty cool but kinda sad too, when the ppl that dont have access to the game can be counted on to show up to tourneys more than the locals :sad:

People from MD traveled up again like Gunflame Buri to enter and that was really cool.

BTW, thanks to Jeron for running all those tourneys, otherwise it wouldn’t have happened. $2 tourneys for the win!! everyone is getting better.

GG to Fred and Kei in ST tourney was mad fun I Just can’t do Sim’s super that well on that cabinet lol.

GG to hold dat, kzai in 3s and anyone else I played. kzai you’re making me realize I need to learn top tier again because Alex just does not cut it again top tier, I need to turn to the darkside :looney:

dxp thanks for the luck in Texas, I’ll need it since Henry is getting Arcana Heart FULL! the day I’ll be in Texas which means I won’t get any practice on the game.

My goal is to a) either get top2 or top3 in AH (losing only to the Japanese), or if I can’t do that, then top 2 USA teams so I can qualify. :wgrin:

Good shit Art! :tup:

Beasting with Heart, nice job!

I didnt know this was a ranbat i thought it was just a regular tourney o well lol Damn Kzai got his revenge on me. Also good games to everyone lol damn i made dudley vs. oro look so bad.

yeah i wish someone recorded my matches against hugo and elena, kzai just wrecked me with setups after setups after setups :(.
If you haven’t seen it yet.
Get Ready!

No one showed hardly for CVS 2 so it got canned!

Who yold you it was a ranbat cause it wasnt?:confused:

Props to Fred in both ST and VS! Your Blanka is scary and that low strong trick is too good on O. Sagat. VS your Victor is crazy solid I dont think I’ve ever played a Victor as good as yours, knocking me into the losers bracket! Keep playing man.

Good shit to Arturo for winning Arcana Heart. Your matches against the Mei Feng player look mad intense. Beast on foo’s in Texas yo!
ST had a round solid number of 8 players which is good. Keep supporting guys! :slight_smile: I’ll be sure to throw more ST and VS tournys in the future.

The only matches I enjoyed were that Guile mirror match (that had me literally sweating) and my match against the Dudley in 3S. I got lucky in ST, but greedy in 3S (just plain stupid actually).

Look foward to more, reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllly wish I could have stayed for VS.


Thank you for running this Jeron. You had my number, dammit! heh

I managed to take a picture of Jersey Gief vs. Master Chibi with my cellphone:

(yeah, that would have made more sense if dude had actually used zangief instead of DJ but fuck it. credit: GA)


Damn it.


Way to leave out how you counter picked me with Guile T.T

Way to cut off the results where I would show up T.T

This thread is zoning me out T.T

Good games to everyone I played in AH. Ken used Lang-Gong(I think).

I don’t get why everyone uses Lang-Gong. Not that its bad, its just Gier is so broken. I’ll admit that Lang-Gong is probably the easiest arcana to use and can be used by pretty much any character though.

Shoutouts to:

Everyone that I played and participated
Helgen and CTF Superstar local who helped film
Jeron for running this
Tinshi on giving me advice on how to beat him =)

The vids are uploaded on my youtube channel:

sorry they’re mostly myself even tho there were a lot of good matchups

UPDATE: all 5 vids uploaded on my channel now

good times!

gg’s Arturo,David,Chibi,Makoto Scrub and my boy Jeron…

and KZAI is strong!! always see you at CF and didnt know you posted here…i dont think i wanna watch that losers final vid lol

I should be banned from Arcana Heart…jap sticks plus scrubbery is a now win for me. whatever…Arcana is crack!!! lol

you’re lucky i wasn’t there… dat :rofl: hey TINSHI dont tell me hdat beat you with his low parrying stuff…:rofl: good stuff on placing 3rd…


YOU OWE ME $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Damn, I passed on this to get some much needed sleep.

Glad to see everyone enjoyed themselves. Hope I don’t miss another one.

is Kzai from NYC or out of towner?

Location: New York / Hong Kong