Chinatown Fair... action this weekend?!

Some questions for you CFA gurus.

About 8 to 14 peeps from CT and MASS are showin up at Chinatown Fair on Sat. 4/7/07. We’re lookin for some MVC2, 3S, and CvS2 action. Just wanted to let you guys know because tough comp is hard to find nowadays in an arcade setting, and playing peeps from other areas with different styles is also hard to come by.
So make sure you’re there Sat. April 7th so we can both get in some comp other than it always being just the same peeps we usually play with.

Also, does anyone frequent CFA enough to recall ALL of the fighters they currently have? If so, please list them, all of them or as many as possible. It’d be a big help since there’s a couple of old schoolers who’ll be goin to and they’re big on the older Capcom titles. Any SFA 2? SFA 3? Hyper Fighting? Super Turbo? Darkstalkers? CFJ/CFE? Please list as many as possible because I might be able to drum up as many as 25 heads this coming Sat.

Any info and comps would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :wgrin:

There’s actually a ranbat this Saturday, so you’re in luck. Free entry too.

3S, CvS2, MvC2, and Arcana Heart are having ranbats as far as I know, though AH is not free entry. 3S and MvC2 get the most entries, though AH has gotten good numbers as well (what with it being brand new and all).

Off the top of my head CF has:

CvS2, 3S, Tekken Tag, Super Turbo, Darkstalkers, SS5, KoF2002, Kof 2001, Kof98, T5:DR, Alpha 2, Marvel Super Heroes, XvSF, MvC2, SCII, Rumble Fish 2, Gigawing, and a few dancing games.

I’m sure I missed one here or there.


Nice!:lovin: You goin though?
BTW, What Darkstalkers (Vamp Savior I hope).
I am seriously lookin for some good SFA2 comp.
How are the sticks for these fighters? Any we should stay away from (broken?)?
Any home port plug in jacks?

Looking forward to some diverse comp for a change and I’m sure the locals are tired of playing the same dudes sometimes too.

I won’t be able to attend, sorry.

DS is Vampire Saviour I believe.

Most games are in decent condition.

Just realize that this place literally is a whole in the wall, so don’t go expecting any fancy or amazing.

You also won’t get any comp for Alpha 2. I forgot to add Alpha 3 to the list of games, that you’ll get comp for. T5:DR is the only game with plug in ports.

If you come theres a chance I’ll be at CF this weekend. Just look for me I’ll give you some play in A2, A3, ST and Vampire Savior!

COme on people post up come on.

ST. VS if nobody is playing ST. Discount dumpling joint if nobody is playing VS.

Does Chinatown Fair really have an A2 machine? I should stop and look around once in a while. Ferris Bueller style.

okay i will go

NICe keep posting man

TheWorldWarrior: theres no home ports its all arcade sticks so practice up.

nohoho: Be sure to DRAG tianyuan with you to cf on saturday for AH. In return I’m sure me jeron and a few others will play you in ST.

so theworldwarrior

are you and your posse still rolling through

No doubt!
Haven’t seen Arturo and Jeron in a while… looking forward to it.
Brings back old memories, yes, good times. You don’t get enough of that nowadays with arcades dying off the way they have.

Master Chibi, get your ass there dude, and supermin, nohoho, and tinshi better be there too. It’s not like the old days where we used to take nonlocal comp for granted.
Lets make this happen.
Besides, we planning on bringin recording equipment too.
Yes, definitely good times.
Keep posting if you’re going 'cause this will be a great weekend for it. :wgrin:

BTW, any chance of wong showin up?