Chinatown Fair article in the NY Times

I didn’t see this posted anywhere else (admittedly I’m pretty poor at looking for this kind of thing, though), but there’s a short article about Chinatown Fair in the New York Times. It was a couple of quotes from Yipes and Sanford Kelly and a photo of Chris Hu. Interested parties should click here.

Sorry if this has been posted anywhere else!

I’m loving the exposure CF has been getting lately. Kotaku made an article on it about a week ago as well. Its nice to see casual readers can get an idea of what this culture is really like.

lol chris hu is always there, no surprise he got a pic.

word hopefully CF gets more, that place could use the publicity.

I’ve never been there.

I could never find such a dead afternoon that I’d have time to go from Brooklyn all the way there and then it’s like a dollar a game and I’ll probably get my ass handed to me, I miss the arcades from my childhood but things were never this serious.

It’s not that far and you don’t have to go on a weekday, no one is there weekdays. I live at the edge of Brooklyn and it’s only about an hour+ to get there. Even if you can’t play much and will get your ass handed to you, you can watch not only what’s on the screen but how people focus, think, and react in real life. By playing at home on consoles, you miss out on the entire battle experience.

Also, where are those registered arcades that article talks about, CTF is the last “arcade” in NYC.

:rofl: at Yipes saying he has to be out then dropping tokens on MvC2 the next minute. Vintage Mahvel.

Can’t believe people haven’t pointed it out: “Sanford Kelly, 22, from the Bronx, looks relaxed in thick glasses and an all-black ensemble. ?I?m basically the best guy on the East Coast right now,? he says.” Sanford Kelly putting the whole east coast on blast on the New York Times. Shit. Just. Got. Real. Hehehe, pretty nice ready but not much info about anything in it.

Queens Center Mall has got one. Coney Island’s got a few. I’m guessing they’re also including Dave and Busters or something. There’s no way there’s over 20 though.

Was just about to point that out. He wasn’t sayin that shit when he got mad salty at Guard Crush last night… Although he did end up beating Art in a MM after losing to him in the Grand Finals.

Coney Island doesn’t have shit, I live in Coney Island. They put out a bunch of broken cabs and call it a day. Who the fuck puts out cabs that have a hole where the joystick is supposed to be. When they say arcades, they probably aren’t just talking about video game cabinets.

Yeah, they probably mean anywhere with a claw machine or two. Pretty sad but I do agree that Chinatown Fair is the last legit arcade here.

I like this part.

Who the fuck they calling outcasts? Fuck them. :mad::nunchuck:

Marvel cab was so empty : (

writer put yipe’s physique on notice.

I’m guessing New Roc City but it’s pretty meh.

CTF is not that far from BK. Depends a what part of BK you. Takes me about 25 mins from where I’m at to CTF. Weekdays generally doesn’t have that much people except for some regs and people coming from work/school.

clakey don’t get no love.

Isn’t Barcade out that way? Bar and classic arcade machines seems to go together well.

yea barcade is ight. ill accept MM in beer tapper there anytime.