Chinatown Fair Bi-Weekly Ranbats (MvC2, CvS2/3S) March-May 07'

ok since everyone is doing ranbats and ranking tourneys I figure lets have one in NY also, since so many new players are coming about around these ways. I also Figured to give a lil taste of old school Break to the mix and make these Bi-Weekly Ranbats ** Free Entry fee,* With a pot still included**(pending the amount of entries).

This is the calm be4 the storm of Evo East and World. So get ready…

MvC2, 3S, Arcana Hearts*

march 24
april 7
april 21canceled
may 5 double points
may 19 ** **
may 24

Sign ups start @ 4:30pm for both games, Ranbats will start @ 6 sharp

MvC2 and 3S will be free entry fee*. Arcana Hearts will be 5$ entry

There will be cash prizes for mvc2 and 3s (amount depends on the amount of entrys)
payout for arcana hearts will be 70/20/10%

no glitches the basic rules at evo and any other tourney
basic rules for arcana hearts till somethign game breaking is discovered

points each tourney will be.

Standings to date:
1st- Smoothviper - 17 pts
2nd- Justin Wong - 10 pts
3rd- Demise - 8 pts
4th-Khameleon - 7pts
5th- Infinite - 5 pts

1st Arturo, Justin Wong - 10pts
2nd Flare, K.C. - 7pts
3rd KOfiend, Tinshi - 5 pts
4th Saiyd, John 3 pts
5th Duke, Mike, Mutant, Kzai - 1pt

*the only time you will have to pay entry fee for mvc2 and 3s is on april 21(

we out!

Arcana heart!

i guess i can say i am down

Yeah, do Arcana Heart too, heads will show up for that easy.

I don’t really think the cvs2 players give a shit about ranbats to be honest. We just want people to showup this way its not the same 6 - 8 people that usually showup.

So i would say give the ranbat option to 3s, or I can give out points for ranbats for cvs2 if its needed???


My mistake, I read that wrong, uhh, regardless of which one is held, the other will be held too so why bother making it an option??

im in for mvc2

I should be living in NY by then so ill probably swing through

I’m there for all games.

good shit. i was about to start ranbats myself for 3s. lets get this going guys

Someone should check with Henry to see if he wouldn’t mind switching the Marvel vs SF board with the 3s board so we can have the ranbats on the big machine. Can we bring cameras to this? Last time I was there the older guy told me to put it away while I was recording AH matches.

WE need Arcana Hearts ranbats. lets get shit popping.

Arcana Heart ranbats ftw. I will also notify Fob Guy about this when it happens.


dates have been posted on the 1st post, the games are MvC2, 3S, and Arcana hearts. im not doing cvs2 so any tourney wanted for that will be posted on a different thread. justins tourney ( is part of this and the only one you will have to pay entry fee for all games atm. p

none of these dates conflict with any other tourney so smile :slight_smile:


I’ll still go to these and I can run cvs2, just that people need to postup.

I’ll enter 3S if it’ll be on the big cab again, but I’m def down for some AH.


Yeah, this is great. I’ll definately be there for marvel. Say mike, is there going to be announcing? Haha, we have to compete with the FFA ranbats.

Arcana Hearts, is that shit.

I guess I should post to say I’ll be there for AH and VS(if anybody worthwhile shows up)