Chinatown Fair - CvS2/3s - 6/17/06

CvS2 Singles
$5 Entry
$0.50 pay per play
2/3 per game
Winner must keep team + order + ratio, loser may switch

Start Time is 3 or 4 ish
3s info here


If you expect people to attend, you need to talk to the owners of CF and have them fix the controls. This means:

  1. put in new sticks that are the same as all the other 360s in the arcade, then TEST THEM to see if all corners actually work
  2. put in new buttons that are the same as all the other buttons on the cabinet. The buttons on all CF cabs are now so old and worn that it feels like they’re going to cave into the cabinet, because the springs are so fucking old there is no more resistance when you press them. New buttons cost LESS than a dollar each, there is no excuse to not fix this issue.

Last tournament I drove 90 minutes to play on some of the worst controls of my life, no parries and can’t go from a crouching block to standing, YAY. If control issues are not fixed at CF, the only people who will ever place are those who are used to playing on that shitty, worn-out style of control, a.k.a. CF regulars. And if that’s the case, nobody is going to come besides the same 10 people from now on.

i thought i was the only one who had problems with the buttons. On the CVS2 cabinet, I messed up a lot of things that I could usually do no problem. The 3S cabinet was worse (the old small one).I like playing on that one cuz it has unblockables for urien. the problem is that the RH button on the 1p side kind of messes up and the lk button on the 2p side. i think there were other problems too.

Phil: I can understand your problems, being an out of towner and coming to CF and playing on the sticks can be hard. I had the same problem when going to the Break to play for ECC X.

However, it is very unlikely that the owners would change the sticks for us, even if we paid for them. They wouldn’t want to install them and therefore our sticks are crappy compared to wherever you want to compare it to.

Keep in mind, this tourney is during MWC so the big names like JWong and such won’t be entering. Time to step it up guys.

Storm: I mess up stuff I do naturally and I’m not complaining. I never blame the sticks, I’d rather blame myself for not being able to manipulate the sticks. Think about it, Justin has won all over the world playing on different sticks, I’m sure not all of them were the same for him.

Eh I kind of agree will Phil partially. For me, its not the sticks, its the buttons. But, that only happens SOMETIMES.

Sooooooooooooooooooooomebody PLEASE host marvel

Marvel is Infinite and Desmonds department. CvS2 players don’t touch that.

To go into the button/stick problem a bit further.

On both sides of the CvS2 cabinet, the RH buttons randomly die for a split second then seem to magically work. There were times where I tried to activate and it didn’t come out and I would’ve won. But since it happens randomly and not consecutively, its hard to get it fixed, let alone ANYTHING at CF.

I will agree that the sticks on the big marvel cabinet blow donkey loads all over CF. The small cabinet sticks are nice, but the buttons suck. Go figure.

Someone needs to put CF out of its misery already.

:rofl: Didn’t you make a bet that you wouldn’t change your av for a year? :rofl:

Yes I did.

Thankfully noone got in writing.

Now however, I’ll bet $50 that I won’t change this avatar until June 12, 2007.

How’s that?


there isn’t anything wrong with the big 3s machine, I recently change those joysticks last month. If you have any problems you should e-mail me or msg me on AIM to get this stuff fixed.

OMG its henry cen

Henry why you always tell the white/spanish guys to get off the car seats and not the asian guys reading the newspapers!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! OR the blonde chick practically sleeping in the car seats.

And Yesterday Some dude got kicked out in a red T-shirt with Red Cap , what happned?

btw, Small machine sucks ass, FIX IT IF YOU WANT PEOPLE TO PLAY ON IT, IVE LOST AROUND 3 OR 4 MTACHES because i will crouch and a fierce will come out WTF!?
I remember one time it got so fucked up when Player 2 moved left or right i would do fierce punches god damn.

lies…and i might come to the tourney, MIGHT.


showup, we need more people.

no hohohomo (stolen from Hail And Kill, revised by me.)


oh shit, it sounds like henry’s trying to step shit up for cf maintenance.:wow:

Where is Melty Blood Henry :O!?

so how many ppl r expected to show up for this??? it is a pain in the ass and a half for me to get down there so I dont want to go thru 2-3 hours of aggravation to play 8 man tourney