Chinatown Fair - CvS2 / 3s / RF2 - 9/16/06

Well, EVO is done with. So, now it’s time to start the tourny season up again. The monthlies were getting better just before evo, so let’s keep it going. :slight_smile:

Chinatown Fair
8 Mott Street
New York,NY.

$5 Entry
Double Elim.
2/3 Winners - 1 game Losers

$5 Entry
Double Elim.
2/3 Winners + Losers

$5 Entry
Double Elim.
2/3 Winners + Losers

Prize structure is 70/20/10 for 1st/2nd/3rd respectively.

Mr. Fantastic and I will run CvS2. Saiyd will most likely run 3s. Chibi said he will handle RF2.

If anyone wants to run another game, go right ahead.
If Infinite/Yipes/Desmond/Wigfall/whoever run Marvel
Jeron runs VS.
Shag(Trevor) runs ST and the Doyles show up.


Start Time is 5 PM
Signups are when people start to showup.

Yah Get It Hype Son


So singups are at 7?

^lol who knows.

I will try for NGBC. I have many converts to that game of wonder…

what is RF2???

Rumble Fish 2

I just got back into the fighting game scene and I wasn’t that good when I started but I’m trying to get dedicated to getting better. I may show up for some of the tourneys.

Yo whats up everyone I live in Maryland trying to find out if I come down to this event will anyone have a place I can crash at!!!


Rush to CTF to play on shitty controls! DO IT!

I’m going to make a trip out to CTF soon (maybe this Friday) to see if anything has improved, and I’ll base my decision to attend on what I find. Last time I wanted to play 3s seriously and I couldn’t even parry a fucking fireball.

Please come again DSP, we had alot of fun playing ST with you during the tournament.


Why all the viren hate? Viren is a good character. He doesn’t suck.

i’m willing to help anyway i can so holla at me fellas

i’d be willing to host the marvel tourney if no one else will do it…same rules apply

5$ entry
double elimination
2/3 winner…+loser

i think maybe you should tighten up on the sign up and start…if not ppl will show up at like 8-9 wanting to jump in…hopefully it can start around 7

Sign-ups at 7? :looney:

How about we just start at 5 like we used to?

I never said anything about signups are 7.Thats an inside joke because back in the day people use to show up at like 7 or so.

These days if people do plan to showup, they’re usually decent about it.

I’m there.

If by “back in the day” you mean “a few months ago”.

That and since like 2002. But the past few tournies have been pretty timely.

Like I said, I’m down for it.I hope to do some NGBC too.

if someone runs Marvel ill be there and for 3S