Chinatown Fair CVS2/Arcana Heart (+3S and ST) Monthlies - NY - 10/20/07

games: cvs2 and arcana heart full duh (and now also STREET FIGHTER 3 THIRD STRIKE and SUPER STREET FIGHTER 2 TURBO)
date: sat 10/20
place: 8 mott st new york ny
time: sign ups at 4, tourneys start at 5. anyone who signs up more than an hour late after start time will be put into losers
entry: $5

both games are double elimination. cvs2 2/3 winners, 1 game losers. arcana and st 2/3 winners and losers

not so sure about 3s. i can do it like cvs2 or make everything 2/3. cf 3s players let me know

if people want to run tourneys for any other games feel free and ill edit this first post

this is important please be on time. tourneys take way long on these cabs as you know

get hype or something i dont know


Come on out people.





Get hype

Good shit

dude to money n the fact imma be up their for ssn followin week i cant make it out to this but i will def try for the next one



Count me in for Dat Arcana.

come on everybody im running tourneys for the two best games in the world more people should be interested than this :’(

spread the word at cf you fags :’(

Fly me out there Min.

I’ll try and show up unless Kevin holds another MB gathering that day.

What’s goooooooooooooooooooooooood Min?

You should just come to C3 that day. CF is done.

i would but i like my weekends and c3 is like 7 hours away from me

sorry hav i will hit one up when i am less broke :’(

C3 is no more than 4 hours away from the farthest point in Jersey. C3!!!

:’( come on c3 has enough promotion

tristate come to cf and play cool games!!

How about this… you come to C3, and I’ll go to CF on the 20th.

It took me six hours by bus, three subway lines, and then being picked up.


Oh, that’s because buses actually follow the speed limit. If you’re not going 90 down the turnpike, you’re fucking up.


fob buses do not go the speed limit


but nyc as a location > va, even tho cf = ass