Chinatown Fair Halloween Special Results

The only tourneys that were held this time were CvS2, Rumble Fish 2, and Super Turbo.

I don’t have full results for Rumble Fish and I don’t know who won ST.

1st: Justin Wong
2nd: Arturo Sanchez
3rd: Just 1 Moe
4th: Jeron
5th: Min/ Nick T.
7th: Andy/ Sci

Rumble Fish 2:
1st: Justin Wong
2nd: Master Chibi
3rd: Mike “Infinite” Williams

Super Turbo:
1st, 2nd: Doyles??

Looks like I have to get into some deep practice for CvS2.

And Hazama is gay.


stop playing rumblefish, more cvs!!!

i recorded stuff again

there is a lot of footage because i guess people wanted to get recorded i don’t know

i’ll get them up in a few days so you guys can hammer my host you ungrateful bastards

fyi i am min

I hadn’t played RF2 since last month and I still managed second but you’re right, it’s about time that I try to actually be a challenge to my opponent in CvS2.


wat happen chibi i thought you was good in rf2?

I hate you and the entire cave of hate.

Which I guess works in your favor somehow.


some suggestions for next tourney (esp. 3s)

I think the person running any game should be a person who is competing in that game and that game only… reason is obvious … no distractions and delays

Good effort trying to get the video to work on the 3s machine… too bad it didn’t work out… it seems as though it will be hard to find the true reason… but let that spirit never die!

Sounds good. Then there wouldnt be any of that “hey where’d the guy with the bracket go?”

Well, when I played ST, I left the brackets with people that were helping me run the tourney and they just called out the CvS2 matches. Justin entered CvS2 and Rumble Fish but he also had to run Rumble Fish so I guess that was the only place for a discrepancy.

From my point of view, things ran fine. CvS2 finished at like 10:30? Which is good considering we started later than 5:30.

From what I heard, Justin was unhappy with the 3s players for not wanting to join 3s or something, I don’t know the full details but Justin doesn’t want to hold tourneys anymore so I’ll hafta decide everything now. Anyone care to fill me in on what happened with 3s? I wasn’t around the 3s machine all night so I have no clue as in what happened.

Where everybody else that plays 3S I guess they were scared of justin wong…COWARDs…i hope there was a good reason there was no 3S cuz its hard to believe CTF house players are a bunch of pussies…PUSSIES??? i dunno about CTF anymore

What you say is confirmed lol sorry to burst your bubble

ST results Total 9-people

1st & 2nd team doyle
3rd- Fred

so they’ll play him in cvs2, but no 3s…wow tha makes alot of sense lolz

Not many folks showed up, and I believe they were all heading over to Anarchade anyway.


No, its that we don’t mind giving him our money since getting to play each other is fun.

People constantly show up (especially out of towners) so I have to say a big thank you to everyone who attends my tourneys. Thanks John and Jamie from CT, Chibi and Mr. Fantastic from NJ, all of PA, and the regulars for coming. Its funny, the people who come to CF all the time during the weekdays don’t enter tourneys but those who come like once a week or once every two weeks enter the tourneys. Then with 3s, everyone who comes on almost a daily basis doesn’t enter.

If I have to lower entry fees for people to join, then so be it.

Fuck I gave him 4/7 finals for RF2, when I knew damn of the outcome.

That’s a good point you bring up.


I just want more people to show up on casual days for cvs2.

On Fridays, there’s only like at best 8 people that showup on a regular basis. But it doesn’t hit 8 people until about 9PM or so.

Two totally different groups of people.
The usual 3s players don’t play cvs2, and vica versa except for maybe 2 or 3 people.

Hey, Thanks for having me, Had a good time and hope to see you cats soon-