Chinatown Fair Ranbats 1.2 Results


1st- Justin Wong - 10pts
2nd - Erik Smoorhviper 7 pts
3rd- Andre Demise 5pts
4th Rafiel 3 pts
5th- arther chaosnightwolf, Nelson Remix 1 pt

1st- Justin Wong 10 pts
2nd- KC 7pts
3rd- tinshi 5pts
4th John 3pts
5th Mutant, Kzai 1pt

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sorry i left early but does 4th place get any money :wgrin:

KEEEEEEVVVVVIIIINNNNNNNNN lol Good matches to everyone it was intense for me sheesh see you guys next ranbat.

My name is spelt “Arthur”

Aite im entering the next ranbat

Did someone record?

if not then please someone get the next one.

Get hype come on people post up.

Good job tinshi for getting a match on Jwong and then knocking me out of the tourny. I wish i played against Oro more,stupid double jump/crazy cheap super :arazz: .

Also someone put up those youtueb vids!

ey justin, i didn’t know you were gay.

that’s not erik is it?

nah, that’s not erik that’s Nerik.

Oh Noggen Punch!

john vs tinshi - [media=youtube]5w7t-cAYM5s[/media]
Kzai vs tinshi -

I couldnt get the ones with me playin, my camera ran out of memory twice when it was recording my matches. So i’ll jus post the ones that didn’t get cut off. If anyone cares then i’ll post the rest of em.

I’d like to see those. I’d like to see more vids of CTF 3s players in general.

damn u tinshi! 2nd and 3rd matches made my offense look like crap :frowning: so many whiffing pokes.
Can someone like Fugo break this match down for me plz. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol like down fierce beats all of oro’s pokes with any shoto.

PLease apply just down fierce when you think the leg will come out.

It’s boring here in Philly Mvc2 wise… What’s this Ranbat’s thing about? You guys still have those shytty pac-man sticks for mvc2?

good shit to the placers…IFCYipes done or just out for awhile?