Chinatown Fair Ranbats... LET'S DO THIS SHIT, DAMN!

Yo man, I’m getting almost tired of the CF scene. Niggas want to get up in the gaming, but ain’t consistent with it

Look, I’m not good with organizing things and I’m very indecisive, but come on yall, let’s do this shit!

At first, me and KOFiend were going to do it, but he’s busy in school right now, and I have much free time. Let’s at least do a ranbat twice a month, I’m sure everyone can make it.

We need a video shooter, someone with a camera, I will talk to sammy so he can let us record in there, because he’s so anal with that (because he doesn’t want anyone to copy his arcade’s style.) Someone preferably with a digital camcorder.

I really want the adrenaline. This will sharpen up everyones skills, let’s get FFA status (in terms of ranbats, because FFA seems queer to me anyway… YEAH I SAID THAT SHIT YO, AND WHAT!?)

Look, if hopefully a lot of people post on this topic, then I know people really want to do it, and I will try my best to organize it. There doesn’t need to be prizes, does there? But if so, we can charge cheap, like $3-5 bucks. It’s been getting dry at CF, and CF is like my home away from home, and I’m a known criminal there, so everyone knows what I’m saying is true.

Yo, let’s do this shit. At least every friday, saturday or sunday (depending on what most people do on those days, and twice a month) let’s do a ranbat!

It can be any game, but most preferably 3S, CVS2, NGBC, Darkstalkers 3 (don’t know the abbreviations for it) and A3… Maybe even SVC for that matter.

I can play all the games, and I’m sure all of you can too, so let’s really do this, what’s up, who’s with me?

If mad people are with me, I will organize the shit, and hopefully someone could help me, because competitive gaming is what it’s all about when you’re a gamer!

We can also do T:DR (PSP) tourneys, whatever. So let’s get together and do this, y’all. We can also organize specific money matches, who’s with me???

I fux wit ya Helgen. Count me in. I’ll be glad to help out.

The title of the game is Vampire Savior. You can say Savior or VS. :china:

VS is awesome. Long Live Talbain bitches!!! Oh and Felicia and morrigan too.

Yo, I’m down for Fridays. I’m just kind of nursing a boxer’s fracture for the next three weeks. So until then I won’t participate.

I played you before HelGen. You use Q, right? I’d find a pic of myself but I got none right now. =/


im in if people actually show up

hit me up for hosting + cam

This isn’t happening.
For 3s, maybe.
For other games, we would have to time travel back to 2002.

Oh ya to add to my last post…

you guys should be more worried about the CF scene going to shit and not getting new players rather than ranbats. This shit isn’t Japan.

You guys are crazy.

To hell with that. The new jacks fear the competition at CF. I don’t know why…

Well, it’s pretty retarded to have 5 man ranbats.

Down here in MD/VA area, the scene was almost dead, but Renegade started holding monthly tournies and the scene has grown a lot stronger. Lots of new blood showed up and competition is a lot better since the first monthly.

I don’t know if it’s the solution to CF’s problem since the setting is different, but I feel like monthly tournies really unified our area. Shit, if I lived near CF, I would definitely be into bi-weekly tournies.

Even if this ranbat thing doesn’t work out, you guys should still put out vids of your tournies.



but maybe we can get CF revived again wth these ranbats…

In which you will learn the secrets of NGBC. Respect man, respect.