Chinatown Fair SF4 2v2 2/19/10

  1. Damdai (ryu) + Autodemon (akuma)
  2. Smoothviper (sagat) + Mike Infinite (boxer)
  3. Kenny (rufus) + Franky (viper)
  4. Omar (dic) + John Poluzzi (ken)
  5. Rhys (boxer) + Nate (fuerte)
  6. Matt (dic) + Bob (akuma)
  7. The Laziest (boxer) + Killabee (claw)
  8. Hollywood (ryu) + Rich (ken)
  9. Will (akuma) + Kwesi (blanka)

Damdai using ryu?
I’ve noticed this since the Round Robins. Good shit to Damdai and Autodemon. :smiley:

Yea his ryu is beast manggg. Landing the 1 frames and 0 frames all day. Trying to place top three next time =D

GGs to everyone who came to the tourney !! Ima get in that ass tho next tourney andy and smooth!!

My partner cancelled right before i left my apartment… maybe next time guys. Good shit Andy…


Dam~dai! Dam~dai!!

Damn man, I should’ve teamed up with you. :frowning:

I did horrible =D