Chinatown Fair SF4 Cabs

When CF first got in those beautiful cabinets for street fighter 4 I was amazed at how well they were constructed. It felt like who ever made them made it especially for me since after sitting down I was at the perfect playing height. Does anybody have the plans,blueprints , measurements and all that jazz for those beautiful works of art. Thanx in advance for any help.

bumpity bump?

Can you take pix?

Ask Henry, he made them…

I would love to see pics if anybody has them.

I will try and take some pix this weekend when i get off work, and I have heard the name Henry plenty of times and I might even know how he looks by face but I dont personally know him to ask, or know him any other way actually, no offense to him ofcourse.

best pic i could find

Ahh interesting. What kind of screens are those? I’m guessing they have no lag on them otherwise ppl like arturo and justin wouldn’t play on them.

Anyone know the model #?

I think they’re bravia 32" hdtvs, not exactly sure. i think those are 720p sets

Ahh got to play on those once. Great set up.