Chinatown Fair SF4 Players Thread

Sup guys SF4 is at CF.
Finally something else to play besides 3’s YAY!
This should give people reason to start going and keep the fighting scene alive.
For those of you who don’t know its on japanese sticks and it looks like a sit down machine. The cabinet is a mock up of a japanese cabinet. So lets put this thread to good use with tips etc meet ups etc.

On a side note the game takes dollars and its one dollar to play I think…
So I am going to have to cut down on my cookie habit:crybaby:
IF any srker wants to donate some cookies let me know lol



Why make a new thread about this, there’s already a SF4 thread and a CF thread…come on now.

Well for starters for meet ups and an tourney information.
This is strictly for the Sf4 enthusiast.

I’m going to play Abel for sure.
Maybe Tinshi and I will run a tourney for this on the 30th.

well, that’s what the tourney threads are for…i see what you’re getting at but…w/e just hope this keeps CF alive…

We should run a week 1 tourney this Saturday.

I’m coming down on Saturday with Rob Aponte and possibly 1 other CT head. We’ll be there at opening. Lets get this shit going :wgrin: Day 1 tourney FTW.

Also, can someone please confirm what style of cabinet it is. US stand up, Jap sit down, etc. I pray to god it’s using Jap style controls and not shitty US sticks…

One more thing, I recommend that someone bring paper/notebook so we can keep track of order. Because it’s going to be insane and it will pretty much be the only way to keep order.

man a dollar per game is rough

As much as I would love to play this, I won’t pay a dollar for it. I’ll probably play a round, maybe two, but then it’s back to 3s for me.

its 100 Y here in Japan which is just under a dollar. I dont mind paying it as I’ve been playing quite a few number of ridiculous people.

oh jwong, Ino taught me rufus last night, your ass is mine =)

oh, i forgot to mention

do NOT play this game ONCE and then walk away

that would be the dumbest thing you can do. the first dollar you put into that game, you will HATE. the game grows on you, its quite a good game minus some flaws (inconspicuous cross ups being my #1 pet peeve)

pick a character, stick with it, head over to the sf4 forums know your b&b, how to saving cancel, how to link into your ultra and realize that this game is the birth child of sf2t and 3s, theres elements of both, but not all of one.

you gotta space like st, but go cowboy in 3s.

as of now, I believe the top tier is


some japanese I talked to say zangief is top as well, if not higher than blanka, iloveu joe from LI will say sagat rh gief all day :slight_smile:

Yeah but that’s a LOT of money for a one minute long game. I’m not saying I won’t play because I didn’t like it after my first round, I’m saying I won’t play because I don’t have the money.

its jap sit down,1 dollar to play, and are you serious about the tourney? Is the owner okay with it?

Ryu is my favorite character so I’m going to stick with him regardless of where he stands in the tiers. I hear rufus and gieff are beast but eh I just play characters I like rather than who’s a easy win… I love my shotos…Then again its a dollar a game so I gotta make that dollar last lol.

Sf4 at Cf was so godlike tonight.:lovin:

They don’t mind. Recording on the other hand, that’s a tough one.

if the owner gives you a tough time about recording, tell him to either try to physically throw you out, or call the police. he’ll do neither since 1. he’s incapable of doing it himself and 2. CF violates the fire code on a daily basis.

I’m putting that shit on my sig. The fire code thing just killed me!!!

Let’s just hope there isn’t really a fire on Saturday, because if there is, we’re all dead.

Official SF4 tournament Sat 2pm

edit: tourney canceled due to massive desire for casuals. will also post again so there is no confusion.