Chinatown Fair SSF4 Weeklies - New York, NY - 12/02/10

Every Thursday(Next One 12/042/10)

Chinatown Fair
8 Mott Street
New York,NY
Google Maps!


Venue fee-
0$ no more venue fees if its not a major!!

Entry fee-

70/20/5/5 (if more than 16 players)
Winner take all, 2nd gets their money back (if 16 or less players)

(prizes and bonuses may be soon to come seeing how this works out)

Tournament starts at 8pm est
Casuals anytime before that

My Cell#: 917-470-2998
(Text if your running late but on your way or in traffic or something)

General rules:
-Pay to Play(50cents) loser pays, winner stays.
-Make sure you have at least 5-6min of time plz

-This is single elimination(that means one loss and your out)
-Games will be 2/3 rounds
-Matches will be 2/3 games
-99 sec on the clock
-Character lock(whoever you pick 1st round is who you pick the whole way)
-All char are allowed
-If game is paused it will sorted out on the spot

Hey guys my name is Mike if you dont know,

So im here to introduce something new to the new york players and even others soon. Its pretty much how tourneys are in japan or the weeklies you watched streamed online at TRF. But what it is more for is for the players in new York to “Step their game up”.

We are going to be holding Weekly Single elim tourneys @ Chinatown Fair. It is going to be 5$ to enter, you pick your char at the start and stick with that char for the whole thing.

What this is doing is more than just a “tourney” this is going to strengthen everyone’s game, it helps players adapt in a 1 round loss situation rather than double elim(where they have another life in the losers bracket) it also gets people out of thinking oh well ill just counter pick him next game because that cannot be a players mentality for a whole tournament or they lose sight vs p[layers they other wise would beat.

These will be every Thursday Night at 8pm warm ups and casuals start anytime earlier in the day, this is so people get out of work and classes and don’t have classes the next day(most players are in college sorry if your in high school and cannot there’s always vacations.)

It is either going to be winner take all and 2nd gets their money back. Or the standard 70/20/10(pending turnouts and such) The venue fee is going to be 0$ Everyone is tired of these venue fee’s lets get back to the roots.

this is going to be single elim style, 2/3 games, 2/3 rounds, 1 char for the whole thing. brackets will be based off past results to start off then after that they will be based off the past week of these single elim tournaments.

I hope the NY scene grows with this and becomes stronger, if anyone has questions ask away.

this weeks seeds:

Chris Hu
Megaman Steve
Mike Infinite

Good luck.

Single Elimination is fucking brutal, but oh so fun.

I think this is a great idea. Character lock is really going to step peoples games up. I’m up for it. I only have a morning class on Thursday so I should be in there. =)

this is good. i couldn’t go to guard crush anymore because of school. Thursday is my last school day of the week so i can make this.

damn, too bad i got classes till 7:45PM on thursdays. Anyhow, im assuming the console being used is going to be 360? Or will there be PS3’s?

it’s a custom built cabinet which uses a 360. you just pay 50 cents per game.

these sound pretty cool. i hate the CTF cabs though, its not even 50 cents a game its like 50 cents for 4 minutes or something so you’re in danger of losing control of your character if the match gets too lame…

theres like this crack session at gamepad this thursday. from 4:30 - 12. idk if you wanna hold off the tourney till next week.

or maybe friday?

its 25 cents for 3min. ill make sure each side has atleast 6min. before a match starts to give players enough time to finish rounds without having to worry about controller time as well as there match.

i didnt see that crack session posted, but its way deep in brooklyn and its casuals. so i dunno i mean ppl that wouldnt go anyways might wanna go to this and vise versa.

and about fridays, i gave that thought but then I thought those are the days ppl go to cf to hang out get in a ton of casuals and eat some food. i dont wanna take that away from fridays =/

I might go, but I’m really thinking about it right now. The only problem for me is the time, and I can’t really leave very late, especially if it’s at midnight or 1 am in the morning. This would be my very first tournament though, and I’m sure it would be a beneficial experience for me.

can’t make it there this thursday, but I’ll probably be there next week.

And what’s the difference between paying Venue Fee at a major and at a Local?

This sounds so hype, too bad I work from 11-7 and live in Jersey :[ Glad to see someone applying the Japan rules though.

I’ll probably be in there

I see what Infinite is sayin, what it is really is that comming up in the tourney scene, it used to be that the tourneys were run at arcades, so there was no need for a venue fee because the games and electricity would all be in use whether the people were there or not, no one payed venue fees at local, Majors had venue fee cuz they were ran in hotel ballrooms that cost money. Now since arcades are dead given that most people play online, Tournaments have to be run at other venues, such as gamepad, which unlike the Arcades, have to spend the extra time and power to run it… but I just accept that as part of the scene dynamic changing

I’m in there. I think it’s a good idea. This will make people pick there shit and learn match ups. There’s no room for mistakes. There are no excuses. I think this will step every ones execution up.

No more countering? :wtf:

After thinking hard about it, I’m planning on attending the tournament tomorrow night. I am excited, but I am also very nervous as well. I do have a couple of questions.

  1. Is this the first Chinatown weekly tournament that will be hosted?
  2. When do we give in our $5 by, and to whom(at the arcade)?
  3. Are we paying $5, plus 50 cents for the machines?
  4. Is this tournament ideal for new players to enter the competitive scene?

Thank you in advance.

heres to help you with your questions.

  1. yes this is the 1st weekly pretty much, there have been random tournaments there here n there but no true weekly. there once was a team one on fridays but i dunno that stopped.

2)you pay me to enter the tournament, most players know me if you know just look for a person with paper brackets asking for sign ups prior to 8pm.

3)yes 5$ to enter the tournament, and loser pays 25 cents for each side.

  1. umm it depends. this is for most players to try and step their overall game up and who have been going to tournaments or play competitive alot. if you wanna be one of those players then id say yes it can only help you.