Chinatown Fair Tourney 4/21/07

So 4 tourneys were ran on the march 4th tourney, but obviously people didnt show up. So TRY #2 will be in affect.

Tournament Games:
CVS2, 3S, MVC2, Arcana Heart

Entry Fee: $5 and PAY PER PLAY.

Time: Signups starts at 3:00 pm and the actual tourney itself will start at 4:00 pm

1st place : 70%
2nd place: 20%
3rd place: 10%

Double Elimination
2 out of 3 Winner and Loser Bracket
3 out of 5 Winner Finals
4 out of 7 Grand Finals

Winner of each match keeps same character/team. (3S: You are allowed to change supers in each match.)

Any other side games that people would like to be ran, let me know on this thread. And well see what we can make happen.



I wanna see Jwong win with rubyheart/jill/ken lololololol

I’m entering Arcana.


please have Henry fix the short and fierce buttons on the 2p side of cvs2.

ok i got it. i’ll tell henry to fix everything

Needs more entrants.

Im in.


Man, we need a whole lot more people to sign up. Can we get some guys in here?

tourneys ran the same day as tekken lol.

Tekken DR will be ran this day as well… 10 dollar entry fee.


So liek, whos still coming?

is the CvS2 arcade or PS2?? cause i only kick ass on PS2…lol

Thought there was confliction of the NYClan gather and this but its not. This is the week after that. Anyway I’ll be there to play.

May be here.

i played Arcan heart for an hour last night…that game is crack. these type fighting games are new to me but its fun as hell. and playing it on a jap stick is :annoy: :annoy: :annoy: but i’m stickin wit it.

4/21/07 get hype!

Come down to C3 next week you loli game playin foo.

Since this is Chinatown Fair I’m assuming all games are on cabs?

i’m trying to get Phil to drive down there…but he just got rid of his STI :sad: :sad: , damn i thought i answered the PM. my bad D

Nah…didn’t get a PM. Iz all good…if you can come you’ll be there. I would love for DSP to head down again. Tyrant Punish FTW! :lol:

Everything is on cabinet DevilJin. only loli fighter is on Jap stick. :looney:

hold dat good to hear you got that Arcana bug, ow go post in the Arcana thread on fighting game discussion :looney:

DJ are you actually going to this? If so I’ll show up. Bring BB Hood with you, you guys should crash at my place for some games after.