Chinatown Fair tourney 9/24 (CvS2, 3S, MvC2, ST, RF2)

CVS2 takes too fucking long. Even with 1 game losers it took 6 hours.

I only have CvS2 results. Results for other games will be posted later.

CvS2 had a nice turnout. I like that.

CvS2 (21 people)
1st: Arturo Sanchez
2nd: Jeron Grayson
3rd: Mr. Fantastic (forfeit)
4th: Kaleik
5th: Justin Wong (Forfeit)/ Omar
7th: Jasmine/ Caligent

Heres the drama: Justin Wong forfeits to Mr. Fantastic so he could leave and chill with his friends. Sanford loses to Arturo and later forfeits to Jasmine. Mr. Fantastic only loses to Arturo in Winner’s finals but has to leave before tourney ends because it was getting late and he had to get home.

I hope you guys had fun. I sure as hell had some fun today.

Vampire Saviour Results (8 people)
1st. Jeron G
2nd. Justin W
3rd. Leon
4th. Derik
5th. Trevor
5th. Master Chibi

Justin had to go so the grand finals werent played out. The tournament was real fun. Props to everyone who entered and supported. Due to request I’ll be holding this more at future CF Tournaments!
Thank You and goodnight!! :karate:

Good job console haters(jk)jeron and Arturo, keep it up.

Good games everyone it was fun ! :tup:

gj to all the placers, i’ll prolly would of just spectated…lol.

Damn I came too late to enter the tourneys but that shit was hot.

Props to jasmine, yo she was mad nervous but she did well in her first turn out. good shit :clap:.


1st. Justin Wong (mito/greed)
2nd. OrochiTempest (Aran)
3rd. Derrick (Bazoo/Aran)
4th. Megaman Steve (Zen)
5th. Random James (Hazama) Nick T (Mito/Hazama)
7th 8th 9th. Master Chibi (Kaya) Adrian (Orville) Vyzor (Zen/Greed)

1st in 3s is Justin Wong (Ken/Chun
2nd John Gordon (Ken)
3rd KOFIEND (Yang)

1st is John Gordon (Every char in the cosmos!!!)

But Full 3s results and ST results will be posted when those two people actually get on the computer and type in See you next month.

I look forward to the challenge of the east coasters…look out for D-R-B when I land on your turf…



OMG ITS DR. B!!! I never met you but your CD is wayyy too good. I like the “so your a jedi so may I?” Thats good shit. Superior Era!!!

Anyways sorry about dropping out of VS and CVS2. Big Sis and everyone else wanted to leave. So more important plans ya know… But next time I hope it wont be like that. LOLZ LOLZ LOLZ

ST Results 11 people entered

1.John “Flash” Gordon (ryu, O.ken, vega, honda)
2.David.D (ryu, sim)
3.Chris.D (chun)
4.Trevor.V (balrog, vega)
5.Jetphi (feilong, ryu, vega, honda O_o wtf)
5.Fred (blanka)

I just realized why I feel like my avatar is so representative of myself…

Its because I’m choking :sad:

gs everyone, good to see you all, especially all of you <3

Yay, second place to Justin again. I got bored of playing Rumblefish I didn’t even want to play the finals. Getting up at 6am that morning didn’t help either. Neither did wanting to play NGBC. Oh well. Good times.

I really got to get a name change or something. This Orochi thing is getting on my nerves. :xeye:

Fun tourney, i had a great time! Shout-out to Issac <3, Frody, ski sonic, philly ( if guys need anything holla mang ), Port Authority cats =p. Good shit Mike “Infinite” the curse continues lolz good shit my nigga =D. Congrats to Top 3 Sanford, Josh and Desmond. I hope we have ore turn outs like this, keeps Marvel HYPEEEEEEEE.


1st. Justin Wong (mito/greed)
2nd. OrochiTempest (Aran)
3rd. Derrick (Bazoo/Aran)
4th. Megaman Steve (Zen)
5th. Random James (Hazama) Nick T (Mito/Hazama)
7th 8th 9th. Master Chibi (Kaya) Adrian (Orville) Vyzor (Zen/Greed)

yo chibi i though you were good in rumble fish 2 why are you in 7 place. yo got shit art and jeron keep dat shit up.

fun tourney and it was nice to see everyone there. Cvs2 had a big turnout, not just players but spectators :wow:. Who would’ve thought that people would wanna watch turtle fest 2000 :xeye: . But the highlight of the night had to be scoot playing high as fuck :rofl: . That shit was hilarious

:looney: :looney: :looney: :mad:

what happened to hazama and mashing supers?!

So I heard Scoot got beat up is that true?

Chemestren got 7th :tdown: fucking Kim. :tdown:

I got 7th because it’s a comfy spot. ~

And again I beat James and he still places higher.

I taped myself WINNING though~

Yup :tdown: Lol you should have seen the match. It was fucking horrible lol.