Chinatown Fair Tourney on Febuary 25th!

Ok people. This year is going to be BIG. So lets see if people stepped their game up this year. Now lately I been disappointed about the showing we had these couple of months but it seems like there are more people now. So lets try again shall we?

The tourneys will be mvc2/cvs2/3s/st/rf2/ and whatever else people wanna run.

Entry fee will be 5 for every game. Lets start out small and walk our way big later.

Of course it will be located in chinatown fair 8 Mott Street NY, NY 10013

All games.
Pot split 70/20/10
Double Elimination.
2/3 per match.
3/5 Winners/Losers Finals.
4/7 Grand Finals. Player from Loser’s Bracket has to win 2 sets.

If there are 5 people and less, ROUND ROBIN WILL HAPPEN.

Signups will be at 4 and the tourney will start at 5 30. Give the late people some time to make it before loser bracket.

Suggestions, Concerns, Comments? Post them here.

Sounds good.

Give it a name~


time to come back to NY?


Don’t be teasin’ people, man:wgrin:

I am there !! :looney:


Whats a Chinatown Fair?

cmon where is the love for the chinatown TOURNEYS!!!

Im gonna run my CvS2.

I can run ST unless Flash wants to do it. (If he goes)

Yo hold a Marvel Super Hero’s tournament.

I dont hold those types of games. But you can hold it yourself though.

I’m feeling a sudden urge to enter 3s… Hmmm. Randomness?

I said that jokingly.

Ah well. I look foward to this regardless~

Where are my Port Authority cvs2 heads at?? havent heard from you guys in a while, cmon, you guys ARE the community for this game in NYC. :slight_smile:

nobody showed up last time and apparently andy and a few other pa guys were there (weak)

btw if anyone is interested all those old vids i recorded they’re going up tomorrow. the new site address is in my profile and i have a terabyte of bandwidth HYPE

PA is dead.

Well the arcade that is.


Yeah even I couldnt make it to the chinatown tourney last time. I was rushed down by the cold front that day. But I’m sure thsi time I’ll be there

Someone teach em rumble fish 2, and i might go.