Chinatown Fair?

Whoa, I’m surprised this hasn’t blown up here on SRK. I guess everyone’s too busy with SFxT to notice…

WHAT? Sounds like good news to me.

I swear this is the type of thing that would be all over SRK within an hour… but it’s been a day.

Or you know, 98% of the people here don’t live in NY or care to play old FGs at arcades this day and age.

Tis true unfortunately

I can’t speak for this sites’ demographics, but I’ve seen plenty in favor of arcades. Are you saying they’re a vocal minority?

Engadget is reporting old news.

People always love a place to gather and play games against each other in an offline setting. As long as they’re able to promote Chinatown fair as a social gathering where you and your friends can play the best local competition there is, hopefully they’ll do well.

And it’s nothing to get excited about until it becomes official.

People that live in NYC heard that the new owners aren’t that great and that CTF won’t be the same as it was. Time will tell. If they have a MvC2 cab for $0.50 with functional stick/buttons and no entry fee (if it’s same as previous CTF), then they can have all my money. TAKE IT ALL.

Marvel niggas return please. I miss playin them so much. Never caught any of their names.

Have the new owners owned previous arcades? Where did they get their bad rep from?

Wow, seriously… SRK frontpage is flooded now a days… I swear two years ago I would never have missed something like this… Nobbdy’s tried to peak through the windows to identify the cabs they brought in?

if they bring back CTF anywhere even remotely close to it’s former glory, it’s definitely going on my list for places to check out next time i’m in NYC.

This makes me sad

I don’t want to spread rumors, I’m just going to say to be cautious and give the place a fair try.

Issues like poor maintenance and inexperience take time to reveal themselves, but hopefully the FGC community will help out.

All I’m going to say is that:


Last time I played MvC2 was in CTF. We need to play each other. I ain’t bending over for that console crap. No offense to console players or The Next Level, I can’t use the console sticks because I have no experience bending over or positioning myself in awkward ways. Though I may reconsider if the girl is hot enough.

congrats to what remains of arcade goers in NY!

i’ll stick with NEXT LEVEL ARCADE.
thank you very much.

Fixed for accuracy.

NYC needs an arcade so bad. Most people have forgotten what it’s like or never experienced it to begin with.

i understand what your saying. but still,…i can live without cabs. just playing with peeps and not having to worry 'bout lag is good enough for me.

Good shit New York!

Folks need to experience real arcades, where you were forced to level up simply because there was money on the line (losing meant having to spend more money to get back in the game).

What people are failing to understand is that pacman can’t afford the rent in manhattan.

Do you really think your nostalgic memories will keep this place open during this day and age? If you do you’re wrong. Dropping $3 into a centipede machine once or twice a week will not bring enough income into the establishment to be able to purchase the new and latest arcade games.

Also almost EVERY relevant game nowadays is ported to a console. You complain about venue fees, pay dlc content and the likes but shoving hundreds of dollars into a game you could have bought from the game store is ok? Your logic is flawed.

After the first month or so once people see there is no recent fighting games or competition there it will slowly die. The people who used to occupy CF outside of the FGC (which is what kept is going for so long) are the goth kids, vampires, and what have you. But they don’t spend money there.

Again, put your nostalgia aside and look at the bigger picture.

its great news, long live arcades!