Chinese boot-camp for young men "addicted" to the internet

  • This isn’t completely new but I think it’s worth a discussion since it recently came up on NY Times.

There was one teenager who got drugged with sleeping pills by his mother so he could be sent to one of these institutions.

It’s China, so that kind of shit flies over there. I feel for these adolescents who have the misfortune of being raised without any real control over their own life.

If I ever got forced into one of these places…I don’t know what I would do.


Being drugged by your parents is taking it a but too far, but countless people especially young people could benefit from these types of specialized centers to treat their addiction. Good for China to recognize the issue and provide a solution that doesn’t involve a belt for once. Internet addiction is real, the director’s term “electronic heroin” seems appropriate. So China’s definition of internet addiction is using it for 6+ hours a day for recreational purposes and I’m willing to bet a lot of people possibly the majority (that goes triple for people under 30) would be classified as addicted. In any school library your bound to see dozens of people on facebook for hours at a time, hell most of my friends can’t go 5 minutes without doing something on their smartphone. I think a combination of military training and therapy is a good way to combat internet addiction, so long as the “patients” aren’t abused which probably happens because well it’s China (sorry @fishjie, but you know I’m right). That being said I’m impressed the treatment center in the video encourages parents to stay there too and partcipate in the therapy and actually show them how to be better parents :tup:

We need treatment centers like this all over the world, although I wouldn’t be surprised to find out if the center in the video is not as nice and caring as it appears on camera, if there’s one thing asian adults are good at it’s putting on a smile and fooling other “sensitive” people into thinking they are kind, compassionate people :rofl:

Most gamers probably fall under China’s definition of internet addiction, hell I almost do, I use SRK and other sites to pass the time at work and my commute and play about 1-2 hours of games a day.


I certainly agree with this part; I expected that instructor to spout some kind of bullshit nonsense about their youth. But instead he seemed rather kind and understanding about what they’re going through.

IMO some kids are just destined to be lazy internet addicts, until they eventually find ambitions or something to do in life. These camps might shed some new light for these kids, but I don’t agree with their methods.