Chinese boy kept as slave by uncle

12-year-old Chinese boy has been chained up by his uncle for the past two years.
It’s claimed that this is for his own safety because he’s mentally handicapped – but most people will find these images shocking.

pictures in the link below.

china ain’t got the kinda money to be taking care of kids like that

jesus christ

Whaaaaat? You mean the pro Chinese propaganda videos promoting wealth, happiness and prosperity for the entire nation are UNTRUE?? jumps out window

a country who’s collective population is stupider than America’s? What ever happened to all Asian people are smart? Oh know i remember smart =/ intelligence

Whaaaaaat? Pictures from China showing a shocking lack of basic human rights and dignity? No fucking way

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Will the boy be eaten after the dog?!

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On topic though, how long can China run their space opera about how great and strong China is? It seems that the more they try, the more exposed they get, and the worse they look.

Reminds me of Danny the Dog. “GET EM!”

damn couldnt keep him on a chain in ya house?

why the fella gotta be outside

they can do it as long as the US is tanking. Like how they just lost their AAA credit rating…

guess they can hide it forever then.

um the real problem with china isn’t random shit like this, which happens in the USA and other countries all the time, its the fact that the people do not have freedom of speech, there is rampant corruption, there is a giant gap between rich and poor, and everyone lives under a dictatorship.

Their collective cheating and plagiarism just makes it seem that way to a country where cheating is wrong.

Chinese woman keeps mentally-ill son chained in a barn for 23 years… pictures in the link below

Chained to a lamp post, the terrified Chinese boy whose poverty-stricken father tried to sell him on the street
Read more: [COLOR=#003399][/COLOR]

Chinese style: Rickshaw driver chains two-year-old son to a post while he’s at work

what is it with chinese folk and chaining people.

I only like China because of Chun Li. But seeing this Chun Li is the only good thing of China.Then again shes not real

I would like to take this time to thank China for American Chinese food and bubble tea

I’d like to thank China for the Chinese Supermarket in my neighborhood that serve the best meat buns I’ve EVER had.

I still got my eye on those shifty devils though.

Now I want a meat bun.

So basically like the US, except with no freedom of speech?