Chinese father makes son run around (almost) naked in temperatures of -13 C

A cursory glance at the first few pages suggests that this topic has not yet been raised on SRK. For shame!


Inb4 everyone says that they got far worse shit from their parents.

That kid is going to be invincible…

Perfect health, 218 IQs, hits a hole in one every game, composes operas… this kid is the next Kim Jong Il.


This was a regular Tuesday for me.

you beat me to it. In Canada, this is called “having fun”

Builds character

What a cute little boy. He was smiling and stuff, looked like he had fun. No pedo.


hahaha Minus 13? hahaha That’s it?

What? He was bitching and crying.

Which actually means the father might have been justified. Faggot needed to toughen up!

i was thinking about posting this story but didnt because i thought people would think i was racist, lol

It doesn’t seem like much; I mean, I’ve gone out in sub-zero in shorts and a tank top and not a single fuck was given. But I’m carrying a few holiday pounds.

This Chinese kid doesn’t have insulating layers of blubber like most Eurotrash and North Americans

And you care why?

Also, I can’t decide which side to take in this story. My hatred keeps shifting from the father, for being fucking crazy, and the son for being a little bitch.

I see nothing wrong here, thats the spartan type training i will be doing with my son so he can be Batman. When the day comes that i have a kid.

Will your training involve having yourself and your mail-order Cambodian wife murdered in front of him? Please say yes.

The boy needs to take on wolves or since he’s in the concrete jungle, rottweilers with nothing but his moms kitchen knife. Upon victory, he should skin their bodies and wear their fur as trophies.

how is wearing pants and trainers “almost naked”

because I think i’ve posted way too many asian father threads already.

asian father ties son to a tree, asian father disowns dead son, asian father eats asian father… etc

You can never have too many Asian father threads.

LMFAO idk shit made me laugh epically!! Random as hell dude.

wasn’t this in dragon ball and tekken?

didn’t heihachi throw his kid down the cliff and expected his son to either die or climb back up to able to make the cut.

well, look at gohan and kazuya now, manly and solid!

I’m gonna steal that if I ever have kids. Way better than corporal punishment.

“Oh so you want to be a prick in my house and enjoy the heating that I pay for? I don’t think you understand your position in life. Strip into your undies, you’re going to appreciate the 75 degree house temp and stop being a pecker.”