Chinese Kid draws on Dads passport, gets them stuck in South Korea




3 names sum this mess up:
Sumting Wong
Piku No Yuu
Yuu Sutei Hia Nao


If there was any time to beat a childs ass…

EDIT: Still parents should have been paying a little more attention. And customs needs a digital system to regulate coming in and out of different countries. Paper passports are so primitive.


The drawings actually belonged to the Dad. He tried to pass it off as his kid’s artwork cause it was embarassing as fucc.


Insert generic setup:

Punchline: It’s a draw

Now give me my applesauce.



The eyepatch guy shows he’s a double agent.

Sounds like a case of “don’t got time fo’r that”

Like, reading around, and under the pen, sending another copy, not having a digital copy on a phone, not tracking down if its really true.


That paddle is missing holes. You know, so that it whistles and shit and leave hole shaped imprints on their ass.





Good example why you shouldn’t neglect your kids and leave them unattended.

Since he has an extended vacation, he should have some time to think about maybe protecting his valuables.


Cause outside of the concept barrier associated with the internet it’s an amazing “thing”


no surprise, all those asian countries tend to hate each other. i’m sure they enjoyed the opportunity to stick it to some chinese dude


Tune in next week to another episode of “Why you SHOULDN’T have Kids!”


I was raised in a strict Chinese household. We didn’t use paddles we used belts, coaxial cables, sticks, rulers, etc. However, because I had a close relationship with corporal punishment I came to understand many various implements of torture and pain. The holes in the paddle are to reduce air resistance rather than cause any special damage. The holes raise the speed of the paddle.


At least it wasn’t North Korea.


He should have protected his valuables before planting his seed and getting this one.


The man then explained that the drawings were actually blueprints for his Starcraft strategy. He was then sent home first class.


Someone already said at least it wasn’t North Korea.

I have nothing.


While he’s thre he could brush up on his KOF 98 skills i guess.