Chinese knockoff cabinets

Hey, does anyone have any experience with chinese knockoff cabs? I’ve come across a manufacturer on Alibaba that seems to do some sort of clone of a city cab for a potentially reasonable price and I’m wondering if anyone has seen or used (or has) one of these before and could let me know the general build quality and such.

The cabinets are made by a manufacturer called “Huaqin” or "Guangzhou Hua Qin Electronic Development Co., Ltd."

The local arcade here in Toronto uses the HQ1308B models for BB, SSFIV and Gundam GSD. Going by build quality, seems pretty good, can’t say much about the electronics since the HQ1308B uses flatscreens(seems a tad laggy) and one side’s speakers don’t work for SSFIV. Importing a cab must be expensive though.

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I used to own one similar knockoff cabinet called Xiong-Ba (29" tri-sync CRT monitor) a “½ Versus City” clone and it was built like a cheap toy. The CRT tube was brand new but the picture was sickness inducing due to the bad chassis. The panel will take LS-32 with RE plates without any problems (no 5-pin connector on the harness). The JAMMA harness was weird (not standard JAMMA) and if you put any weight on the control panel, the whole thing starts to squeak very cheaply.

The plastic used for the cabinet’s body was crappy and parts didn’t line up. I bought the cabinet fresh from the factory. The pictured Astro clone was imported along with the Xiong-Ba in a group buy here in Sweden, and they are much better apparently, but all of them had 25" monitors, so make sure you don’t get the Xiong-Ba model. Those metal cabinets do look OK though.

I had experience with the Namco Noir clone variant at Southtown Arcade once. It didn’t feel cheap when playing and the monitor looked pretty good.

Some of the clones I see look pretty cool including a Sega Lindbergh clone I saw on a Taiwan FGC community Facebook.

How much does it cost to ship one of these internationally? For that price, wouldn’t it be comparable to having someone just build one for you here?

Dunno, I’ve sent in a quote to get one shipped to the UK. I’m thinking its going to be anywhere from $50 to $100.
Considering its hard to get something like an astro city built, I think around $250 to $300 for a cabinet with parts and screen isn’t bad at all.

100 shipping for a cab? Are you serious?

I’m pretty sure shipping overseas for an assembled cab is gonna cost probably 200 minimum. They cost 150+ just to ship from state to state, if not more. Only way it might be 50-100 is if it’s not assembled.

Let’s start over. It costs $50 to ship a Super Nintendo overseas.

Here is my vewlix knock off. I effing love it

Its my second knock off, had a tekken 6 clone before this, by the way, clone is a much nicer word than knock off, lets use that ?

spent almost 500 on shipping from china to Washington DC.

$500 you say? Does the Monitor lag? and also…link?

gety’s cabs are definitely laggy

“**Acrade cabinet”**

It may be better to pick up a monitor local and just get the body of the cab shipped may save you a few if you planning on getting a cab with a crt The crt is the bulk of the weight right there.

Clone 1b may also be talking about pounds when he says 50-100 which would be around $160 US but thats still too low

Even the description is a knock-off

Keep in mind not all clones are made the same (or even at the same place). Also Arcade operators/owners that are still in business knows how to treat a arcade cab.
The cab you was on could of been reinforced to toughen the cab.

My Last comment, there is a real reason I avoid Chinese made knock offs. They are almost never worth the money spend on the item.

I dunno… I got my vewlix clone for 1500 (shipping and customs and all the other jazz was another 600), and the only thing I’ve found that is inferior to the actual taito made cab is the screen. (minor screen tearing depending on the game in the top right or left corners, hardly notice it and i play around 10 hours a week on the thing)

I have a plan to swap out the monitor eventually and re-do the low grade speakers, but its an all metal frame and all the taito plastic bits bolt right on, so I cant say its far from the real thing.

I ordered mine from Coin Op Express. I’ve ordered two cabinets from them, and a few cps2 boards and a 1000 in 1 jamma board, so if you needed someone to vouch for them I’m happy to say I’ve had no problems. (other than not knowing about the customs charges and freight ones once its in the US).

-Hit me up if you have any questions about ordering thru them, or wanna know about my experience, i guess I should do a blog post, then link people to it.
-someday… lol

I still say it would be cheaper to find someone willing to build you a cab here.

hahaha, not me, i had a kraylix, i am crap at paint/polish, and had a personal opportunity, that allowed me to get the first tekken 6 clone, and then selling that off, i got the vewlix clone.

Having a kraylix, or using Donovan Meyers plans and getting a local carpenter/cabinet maker to build you one locally is prolly cheaper, but there’s other concerns, quality of build and stuff like that. (not the kraylix, he’s got a solid design and even thru ruff shipping it still went together solid).

I’m really happy with the steel frame and all the almost authentic plastic bits. My monitor will rotate for shooters and its a 5 min process, kraylix cabs arrant naturally built for that, but they are really really, and i mean really good for people who don’t want to pay the import fee’s and stuff.

My brothers and a few friends come by every other week and play, so a real solid cabinet like this is worth its money to me.