Chinese Millionaire selling Cans of Fresh Air (or, Spaceballs was RIGHT)

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My dreams of being able to buy a can of 13 year old Asian girl farts are one step closer to reality.
Tread onward, brave pioneer!

I’ve heard that there is nothing like a breath of fresh air, but this is ridiculous…

I went to Hong Kong in 2009 for 3 days. When I got back home for almost a month my snot was jet black whenever I sneezed.


Ha ha ha! What a joke.

It kinda goes against his message of less industrial waste and production if he’s doing this as an actual profit making venture, by making a bunch of these cans in a factory. Another report was like, he hopes people in China don’t have to resort to wearing gas masks just to walk around outside.

Are you serious? Were you working in coal mine??

Are you really the worst racist ever? :slight_smile:

That sad part is that a can of fresh air is actually healthy where as a air freshener has chemicals that can cause cancer.

He might be on to something. China is, after all, a country where in one of its cities it took several hours to notice that a factory was on fire because the air pollution was so bad that it obscured the smoke from the fire.

Depends on who or what you are. :badboy:

Oh? Ha ha ha ha! :smiley:

I don’t think that’s related, I think you might have a brain tumor.

Hong Kong is not Beijing, you racist.

Hong Kong is actually pretty close to or below the World Health Organization guidelines for air quality standards in regards to atmospheric particulate matter, measured in micrograms per cubic metre (PM10), which is 50.

For comparison, pretty much all of southern California is worse or equal to Hong Kong.

Ten years ago, it was even worse for 'Murica. Philly was two times over the standard. LA, St Louis, Vegas, Phoenix, Cleveland…all very shitty air quality, much shittier than Hong Kong.

I don’t write this with the intention to call you out for being a racist piece of shit that doesn’t know one Asian geographic region from another, but I am genuinely concerned that you may actually have some sort of black snot condition.

Also, Beijing is like at 300 PM10 or something, which is REDONKULOUS. I never want to go there, that horrible chinky air will kill my sensitive lungs.

My step mom had the same black snot as me, also I noticed a lot of people walking around in public with those hospital masks, so I’m pretty sure it was because I was in HK. As far as racism goes well as soon as my family stepped out of the plane a security guard escorted us to a room in the airport filled with other middle eastern families and said they needed to verify our passports:rofl:

How did you know?!


LOL Nah we stayed in a nice hotel.

Sir, some rich guy is selling cans of fresh oxgen.
Well, I guess hes going to be… puts on glasses a millionAIR

That was because it was very likely you were terrorists, I see nothing wrong with that.

Wow, just… wow.

It wouldn’t surprise me if there was a knockoff in China right now.

Speaking of knockoff product in China there some funny ones from this article.

My favorite knockoffs from the list is “Unbelieveable This is not butter”.