Chinese/Taiwanese pride av request

It’s been a while since I got a new av. Since Pablo_the_Mex hates me with a passion, I was hoping to do a play on his av. Could I please get a non-prem av of Roll in front of an animated Taiwanese flag? Either the frames where she’s standing with her hair blowing in the wind, fixing her ribbon, or crying, on repeat. A still image of her would do as well, so long as it looks like the flag is blowing in the wind behind her. If you don’t like to use Roll, I wouldn’t object to ST Claw in his blue (HK) outfit.

If you’re not fond of that particular image of the flag, let me know and I could try to find another. The flag animation can look like Pablo’s, I like it that way. Given the layout of the Taiwanese flag, it would probably be best to have the character on the right side of the image rather than the left; as it appears in Pablo’s av.

If the size constraints make this impossible due to my non-prem status, thanks any way. But since Pablo’s av is small enough to be worn by a non-prem, I figured that Roll’s smaller sprite coupled with the a flag that’s less detailed than the Mexican flag would amount to an even smaller file size.

For the record, Pablo only hates me because I cheese him in ST and switch-glitch in MvC2.

I originally asked Tat Guy to do the av, since he also made Pablo’s av. But he said that he’s taking a break for the time being.