Chipotle: No Guns Allowed In Our Stores


At first i read this…and though who the fuck needs an assault rifle at chipotle. And then i really thought about…the struggle…the want for extra chicken…dat extra price for some guac. Suddenly i realized…the struggle is real and this dude had the answer.


i’ll buy a 6000 dollars riffle to get that extra chicken every day. worth it.


it kind of takes the joy out of any snarky commentary when the story is so acutely absurd, especially considering that these protestors feel like they are inspiring a feeling of security


My homestate wins again. GO COWBOYS!


concealed carry should be the only thing these folk, or any folk for that matter, should be carrying around in public space. Leave the AR at home, or in your car in the event you need to drive by some motherfucking spic, or whatever the fuck these crazy ass honky’s hate.


**Chipotle Mexican Grill **

is like the most bullshit name possible of this F tier restaurant. Their burritos are absolute trash. Just because you have Mexicans at the forefront doesn’t make it Mexican


Fuck Chipotle. They gone get robbed anyway.



are you latino/mexican? if so…does mexico have burritos like chipotle? not in terms of content but the looks.

i was minding my own business at work one day. I had some chipotle, and my co-worker comes in and starts buggin me with mad questions. I’m trying to eat my damn food and watch some 70s show in the back in peace. She starts hassling me about my food and askin what it is. I tell her a burrito…she’s like no its not…its a wrap. I’m just like w/e bitch its a burrito.

she then says that mexico dont have burritos and she should know shes mexican. first off i had no idea shes mexican…shes like frumpiest lookin mexican in history. I mean if i ever gave 2 shits about her i woulda known based on her last name. But unless you got some dope ass or titties…i gave no shits about her.

second…how are you gonna just insult a niggas food…while he’s eating it. its not like i paraded that shit around…sayin its the best mexican food ever. in retrospect…i shoulda torn her a new asshole just for stopping me from eating to answer her dumb ass question that apparently she knew the answer to in the first place. fucker.


i was under the impression that mission burritos (the big ones that chipotle does) were a california creation, but im a gringo so who knows??


It’s fucking ridiculous that the next possible war in this country is going to be over the Second Amendment. And, unfortunately for opponents, we’re unarmed!


I can’t separate this from them having signs about guacamole possibly disappearing from their menus because climate change is killing the world’s avacados.

I’m shocked hillbillies that carry assault rifles around with them would eat there to begin with, that said.


Your stomach should already be doing that from the inside.


Chipotle is fucking delicious, but it’s not Mexican food. Not even close. I’m thinking I might get Chipotle for lunch today. I’ll bring a squirt gun to fuck with them.


This is how I know never to take any of your posts seriously.


I’m brolic and swole as fuck because of Chipotle. When I first started lifting, I was working a nice job and had money to burn. Went to Chipotle 3 times a day during bulk season. 'Dem calories, son :cool:

All y’all haters need to step off.


I’ve seen more non-English speaking Mexicans work at Chinese Restaurants than at Chipotle. That being said, most Chipotle haters are still probably chomping on McNuggets as they post on SRK anyways.


Ha, yeah I get that. I post some nonsense on here. But I’m being serious- I like Chipotle.


It has zero flavor. It’s just a baby kitten-sized burrito stuffed with bland rice, salsa, and what seems to be unseasoned meat. I can walk one block and have fucking delicious burritos that have zest that doesn’t come from a drowning of green salsa. What Chipotle is is convenient. Aside from that, Taco Bell has more flavor and asshole-destroying capabilities.


You know what, you’re absolutely right. I changed my mind. Fuck Chipotle. What the Hell was I thinking?

Next time I go, I’m going to carry a gun to defend myself against the offensive food they serve there.


Where in Texas did this happen? If it was in a rural area then Chipotle is just throwing a hissy fit. If it was Houston or the Metroplex area then yeah makes sense to not have a long barrel gun inside the restaurant.


a burrito is just a variation of the native Indian habit of warping shit up amd eating it.