Chipping CC thread


Chipping CC = combos that are done to a grounded blocking opponent, done so you can cheese them safely, hopefully guardbreak them before meter runs out so you’ll be able to land super. I guess these are kind of bootleg cc.

I found out about a few stuff. I’ll post mine, could you folks share some of your stuff please.

Eagle - ??? (spinning cane doen’t work)
Maki - ??? <<- you can do kkk x n but it hurts you more than the other guy… pretty stupid
Guile - b,f+lp
Benimaru - hcb+k x n
Kim - d,u+mk xx qcf+lk x n or qcb+lk x n
Kyo - hcb+hk xn or dp+mp x n
Iori - hcb+hk x n or dp+mp x n
Todo - qcf+hp x n
blanka - kkk xx ppppp x n
chang - hold df, mash hp(slide xx pppp xn)
Chun - ???
honda - ???
Sagat - ???
Bison/vega - ???
vice - rdp+lp xx qcb+lk x n
ryo - ???
haomaru - dp+hp xn
Vega/Balrog - b,f+hp x n
Balrog/Bison - b,df +p x n
Ken - ???
Mai - ???
Geese - hcb+mp x n
Kyosuke - qcf+lp x n
Akuma - hcb+hp x n
Joe - ???
Morrigan - ???
Dan - qcb+lk x n <<- not very effective, anyone with better cheeze cc?
Ryu - ???
Yamazaki - ???
Nakoruru - ???
King - ???
Rock - d,u+lp x n
Terry - ???
Riden - hcb+lp x n(spray)
Zangief - mash KKK
Rugal - ???
Dhalsim - ???
Sakura - dp+mp xn or dp+hp x n or qcf+hp xn


eagle - [hcf+mk xx far s.fierce] x n


Blanka:[d/f hp, elec]xn
Bison:[slide, dp fierce]xn


Honda: Fierce honda hand slap(really hard to do, it does combo also)
Hibiki: When ur in close, activate then do, qcb+jab. repeat(picture that)
Athena: Hold forward on stick, press, jab then forward…repeat.
In corner: HCB + RH …repeat(timing is important)
Sagat: Midscreen) jab dpx3, rh tiger knee…repeat(not really a GC BUT its as close to one from Midscreen as sagats gonna get)


Did you even TEST these?

Gwai Lo covered it.


You can’t even do that. You get pushed back. Use qct+(orward x2) xn instead. It’s her slide kick. Doesn’t do much damage, but the holes are small (if there are any at all).


Corner only, as with all fireball characters.


You should use dp+jab with Iori.


Corner only. Midscreen you have to use qct+jab-s.fierce sequences, and insert c.fierces as necessary.


d-u+rh, s.fierce


I use s.fierce, dp+fierce, c.roundhouse.


She doesn’t have a rdp+p move. It’s just qcb.


AFAIK, this doesn’t work.


f+rh to corner, qct+fierce xn. You can also try to confuse with overheads midscreen.


qcb+p. Use strong from far away, fierce (one hit) from up close.


Hold down, mash on fierce and roundhouse (i.e. slide slide hands).


DP+fierce (one hit). Once in a while you can also insert a DP+jab, but I don’t think it helps much. At least it keeps them blocking.


Um… NO. Try c.rh,qcb+fierce (one hit).



You should ONLY use his CC in the corner, off a footsweep, or as anti-air.


hcb+p xn

I don’t know why you neglected to put Yuri, but hers is DP+fierce xn. The other missing characters have been covered.


No I haven’t test them, as a matter of fact I listed them so they could be corrected. But are you sure about the rock and haomaru ones? I meant you cancel the aa into each other on the first hit before jumping off ground. Gief one I assumed it’d work because it’d hit as an AA CC in training mode.

Thanks a lot guys ^_^b

Could anyone help me out with Terry, Morrigan, Ryu and Ryo ones?


st. rh until corner, jab powerwave x n

cr. forward, cr. fierce, fierce haduken, forward on stick + forward kick…repeat

repeated jab Dp’s(like Sakura’s) but jab work’s better for Yuri.

Not sure , but off the top of my head, all i can think of is maybe…
fireball xx charge back - forward short move…don’t think it’ll work though.


Fierce breaks guard faster.


Its all good.



mk cannon drill xx close hp xN

rh might work better but never tried it


Yun - Strong shoulders x n has no holes

Stick in his overhead or low forward to try and hit them into a combo. They have to guess.


it has holes.
i think that mixing in quick jabs and shorts would make it GC faster.


if you cancel the cannon drill into the close hp as soon as you can, there wont be any holes.


are you sure about this?


*Originally posted by Gunter *
**Did you even TEST these?

Hold down, mash on fierce and roundhouse (i.e. slide slide hands).

[BQUOTE] One ass tight looking guard break! A Joe is silly. :lol: “JOE”!@


Late reply but yes.


Hmm… this seems really strange to me because yuns strong shoulder hs like 100 seconds of start up. How fast do you have to cancel and do you hve a video of this?


The way to test a GC CC is to put yourself as a character with roll, and set him to All Guard… then put the DUMMY as the character with the CC. Put the dummy on record and have him do the CC, then play him doing it as you try to roll or jump through the CC after blocking. If you can’t escape it, there are no holes. Strong shoulder works.


Ah, oddly though I dont have the game for dc. Although I can get it at any time… i just havent gotten around to getting a stick yet so I see no point.

That’s pretty sick that it works. Yuns overhead seems really fast to me too.

Now if i could only practice yuns combo (well, combo set ups and starters)i might actually use him :slight_smile:


anyone get a kim chip cc to work? ive tried the half-moon kicks… but in training i can always roll out, no matter how quick they are back to back.