Chobo ruin's Shoutouts thread! holla@cha boy

Well evo was fun as fuck i met smoe really cool people and some i already knew, big ass ups go to all these people if i dont mention you well I’m lazy so shut up ;D

Chunksta/Cable guy: Man you guys are the fucking shit cable guy had me fucking rolling in the hotel room you are funny as fuck when you are drunk man. Chunkstah my brother you’re funny and chill as fuck also we need to kick it more next time <3 :smiley:

Wigfall and Yipes : I aint even gotta speak on wig he’s the nicest i mean he’s murda mase how am i gona beat that? And now for the man of the hour Yiiiiiipes you had me trippin with your sick ass resets hella nice talking to you wish i got to play you more bro, make that bread.

Bill,potter,dipset,deuce <3 : I love you guys to death dont need to no homo that. Thanks for running game on fools with me bill we gotta keep that hustle up NY state of mind <3 Deuce you stink like beer but it was hype ;D and pozzle you shoulda won evo son but it’s okay you’re on the way to the top ;}

Shadow charlie : One of the nicest dressed peeps at evo vegas crew was feeling the gear always a pleasure to see ya man ;D

marneto : Hella icchiban big ups on your wins and you coulda went even further you got the eddie crown (regardless of that fact i dont prac anymore sorry had to add that in) GJ man

Florida MvC2 players + Alex G : I’ma say it right now NO ONE CHIPS LIKE FLORIDA :smiley: hella good matches guys <3 Alex g man best dizzy i seen in the us you better beleive the hype is real! :smiley:

Omni / srk staff etc : Omni the fucking super star nice seeing you again much love <3 a big thanks for all of srk for running this tournament i had a great time.

Fubar : We dont speak much but you’re still my hero in life keep up whatever it is you are diong in japan <3

Soo : Hella fun playing you in the room man you’re always a chill cat to run with nothing but love, get em next year. :smiley:
Aight that’s enuf of my ramblings I’m at work so thought i would post this up, hope everyone had fun this year! :smiley:

the nikes with the LV and the polo made me want ot cry chobo, def a good look.

whadup with the 30000000000000008 pictures u took btw? id like to have all the ones of me <#<#<#<#<#<#<3

It’s my brotha from anotha motha! What’s good ruin??!! You ICEY with your sense of humor dawg :pleased:. It was mad fun chillin’ with you and cableguy says the same :clap: We Dope 'cause you Chobo Ruin and im Chobo Chunk! Hopefully this year, or the next, or whenever, we should kick it hella! Anyways, you is the truth RuiN, peace!


It was dope meeting you Ruin. =]

Hhahahhahhahahahah korngo you made that shit tite i forgot you’re fucking ill son <3 hella dope chilling with you

i <3 ruin and the other nevada peeps i met.


lol :smiley: msg me on aim thx.