CHOBO VISION! =) evo pics


ill post some pics i have like 19028910281 pics so ill post some here ya go!

Daigo Before his GGXX Match fear the pink

History of Evo Documentary

keep the pics comin, maybe i got a pic or two u’d be interested in ;).


more plz


My Pictures from evo.

sup all had a great time. Some fun stuff. met lots of fun people.
great games. KEKEKEKEKEKE chobo hax.

MIU is the coolest japanese guy ever


kind of a blurry picture, but its team serious breaking Fatcat’s neck. (ggxx players)

fatcat+vegas guy who played venom (more xx players)

CHOBO Ruin from vegas looking confused.

ChaCha is dying. (a SC2 player)

Daigo Wetting himself cause he almost lost ST.

Daigo the Fashion disaster, pink shirt and a beanie

The man who beat the korean Maddog Jin in tekken4

Ukyo Tachibana is wearing his evo t-shirt backwards. (a ggxx player)

me and MIU, the coolest Japanese ever.

CLayton He-man (Finalshowdown or RYUrockST)

Daigo going “who the hell are these scrubs?”
(Ukyo, Destin, Elvenshadow)

GRoup Shot with MIU (The coolest jpn ever)

Jan(acme on irc)-KO-Fatcat

my good buddy Ami and Mago

ID is a hard thinker

a picture with my good friend ID, and Destin, troublemakers stick together WORD!

Kono+Destin (ggxx players)

Roger , Chobo Ruin, and Kono.
stupid gaseki ruin looks like hes about to get Donkey Punched. :stuck_out_tongue:

Heidren98 + KBnova (ggxx players)

A sleeping Ukyo

Please if you are under 18, do not look.
Finalshowdown, after months of practicing on IRC, finally got Suzu in bed, here is the Aftermath!

A sleeping Destin

And thats it!


One more:

My buddy Jake (Toiyet) Wins a Free plane Ticket at Evo for defeating Ino in MVC2


I think in that pic you’ve got listed as KO, that there is Ohnuki, otherwise great pics! Good to see some people who look like they’ve been outside the house more than once a year playing the games.



KO looks a lot like Ohnuki except Ohnuki’s hair was bleached blond and KO’s hair is brown. (And I think KO is taller)


Yea, that’s KO. :slight_smile:


why doe KO look so gay


That’s definitely KO. He always looks a bit weird on pics.


Where did Heidern98 (dude with the shades I’m assuming) get that shirt?:eek:

I want that fucking shirt!


haha that pic of suzu is afunny one:D those guys must’ve been having a blast out there.:slight_smile:


justin wong ^_____^


Justice and potter

POtter on the phone calling hoes (or his mom) and justus rushing him down


Faces of evo

k i put random ass pics in this if ur not on it sorry i just picked what the fuck i wanted so suck a dick enjoy =O!


ooooo… thats cool. i look so sophistacated or something like im deep in thought about something… or something…




crazy mexicans