Choice of PCB

Hello everyone,

I’m sorta new to the scene as it were, and am looking at making my own custom arcade stick. I’ve gotten everything sorted out except for which PCB I should use. I will mainly be gaming on a PS3, but having support for 360 or PC would be nice, but isn’t immediatley necessary.

From my understanding and research it appears that people either purchase sticks and mod them (ie Mayflash Universal), tear down controllers for the respective console, or use a cthulhu board or similar. My main question is what is the pro’s and cons of using each? I’ve been reading some stuff about some 3rd party boards (like the cthulhu) possibly being banned in a firmware update. Also it seems that the DS3 and Sixaxis don’t share a common ground and as such wiring would be difficult. The two main options I’m looking at right now are getting a used DS3/Sixaxis and pad modding that to work (possible dual PCB to 360 in the future), or getting a mayflash universal and modding that. Any intense electrical work is not a big deal, as I have alot of experience working with circuits.

In summary, of the following 3 options Mod a mayflash or similar, teardown a DS3/Sixaxis, or use a cthulhu or similar would be my best option? In terms of battery life how well does using a DS3/Sixaxis turn out? I am only talking about the board itself, nothing about buttons or the stick.

Much thanks.

The PS360 would probably be the easiest PCB out there to use right now.

Akishop PS360 Tri Mod Joystick PCB (3rd Wave)

I second the ps360 PCB.

as for other questions.

Battery life on a sixaxis is identical to how a gamepad normally works. People typically rewire the PCB to a Neutrik USB plug to recharge the battery. That or if they want to dual mod a sixaxis they get a Leo v2 board.

Don’t go with a Mayflash. They are prone to self destruct. I read a lot of threads where people using them in sticks where they go dead due to poor quality

akishop hands down!

Also if you have no plans on playing on 360 and wanna save a few bills Toodle’s Chimp is worth an honorable mention.

The PS360 seems like a good option, I think I will most likely go with that. Thanks for the suggestion everyone. I thought about going a PS3 only route, but considering the fact I own both console (only really game on ps3) and my friends have one or the other, it’s probably a better idea to have both and not use one often than to not have the option.