Choice vs Calculation in games


Hey guys, just wanted to highlight this video that was recently pointed out to me:

Some interesting discussion there that I think may apply to fighting games. Like, Justin Wong obviously made a conscious choice to have Storm in his team but the Vergil army has a ton of people in it that just made a calculation. Which aspect do you think fighting games should favor? Choices or calculations?


In before someone hates the people who make these videos for some reason.


Pretty much all Extra Credits videos are a must-read for anyone interested in gaming and game design.


Why is the hate a thing again? Serious question.


They made a pretty dumb video about fighting games once, that may have something to do with it. Misunderstanding fighting games is the norm for everyone that isn’t a competitive FG player though, people need to stop being so sensitive


Misinformed maybe, but not necessarily dumb. Either way, the correct response would be to message him to start up a discussion on why they’re wrong, things they can correct in their videos, and hopefully collaborate to produce a follow-up video that explains it better.

Or we could just make fun of them and laugh about it, all the while wondering why nobody takes fighting games seriously outside of the FGC.


I agree with eltrouble even though I may disagree with Extra Credits’ points of view. Even though people will disagree with my pov which is everyone over thinks the problem and everybody thinks they have the solution.


I’ve seen precious few that I actually learned anything new/interesting from. There have been a couple, though.