Choices to use DC agetec on saturn?


I really have grown to like my agetec for dreamcast, what options are there for using it on my sega Saturn? couldn’t find a dc->ss adapter, only the ss->dc adapters. is it possible to make an adapter? im no solder wizard, but not a total noob at it either. saw some posts about hacking or modding a SS controller pcb, but id like to still use the stick on my DC. after about an hour of reading and google-fu my brain started to hurt from all the crazy lingo and part numbers im unfamiliar with. like I said im no moron about electronics, but feel free to dumb down any suggestions to noob level hahaha

thanks in advance for any and all input!

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Dual-mod with an MC Cthulhu. Actually, if you don’t need the VMU, you can just put in an MC Cthulhu as it supports DC as well.


this one right here?

so id just rip out the guts of the agetec, and take a dc and ss controller and solder wires to the points on the controllers, mount them in case, stick wires in the cthulhu from controllers?

edit: and id keep the cords for the controllers attached to the pcb and run them out the case also right?



You can simply stick the MCC in and connect the cables for the Saturn and DC to it. No need for a DC and Saturn controllers.

You will however lose VMU support.


there are so many different tutorials lol, a vast amount. could you recommend one that would suit what im wanting to do?

I guess this one that is from the site would work just fine right?
and use the pinouts from this thread?
and use a controller extention right ofr each of the systems to plug into the console?

if that’s about it, then maybe I was way overthinking it lol

the dreamcast pinout says “Dreamcast: (no VMU support. Also will only work with “arcade stick” compatible games)”, im not sure which dreamcast games are and are not compatible, and I love every dreamcast game I have lol. is there a way to go around this?


You need to dual mod with the exiting PCB and an MC Cthluhu

@Darksakul you’ve done something like this before right?


Yep thats right.

The good thing about the Agetec is the Dreamcast PCB their is common ground.
Meaning you can dual mod the Agetec pcb with another PCB you want


ok excllent, so I can use existing agetec DC pcb and keep the vmu/game support, and drop a MCC in it wire up the excisting pcb and the wires from a Saturn cord using the pinouts provided on forum to the MCC? and im all set right? just want to double check im thinking this right before I do all out ordering online spree lol. I already have a sanwa stick and buttons coming in the mail, I saw some tutorials on that for the agetec, it looks plenty easy enough. this will be my first modded stick, im stoked. I have a killer piece of artwork picked out when its all said and done too.

so my checklist would be something like: MCC board, Saturn controller extention and…well that’s it, isn’t it?


Pretty sure you’ll need an Imp board for the dual mod as well. You really should check out the dual modding thread.


oh man, after reading some of the dual mod threads…I think what im wanting exceeds my skill level hahaha! so I suppose ill just have to stick with the agetec for dc only and my virtua stick for Saturn sadly.
thanks for all your replies and help d3v and darksakul


You can always ask someone to do it for you.


There are easier ways to go about it- terminal method, wire splicing, separate cables, etc.


Least complicated is to just buy mc cthulhu, replace the Agetec pcb. Then make your self a a Saturn & DC cables. Plug another dreamcast controller in another controller port for the VMU.


The problem with that is there are some DC games that only communicate with the VMU + game data from the P1 port. A friend of mine had this problem a couple of years back with some DC shmups. IIRC all the fighting games were ok.


If you can find a model 1 Sega Saturn Controller, the bulky one, you can cut out most of the board and solder in a dual mod. It’s the same size as the Agetec PCB. I do wish the Agetec PCB were more readily for sale, since it seems so small and uncumbersome for most users.


I do in fact have extra SS taco controllers lol! so you mean jump the existing wires to the Saturn taco pcb? so in the end, button ‘A’ has wire going to DC pcb and SS pcb, and so on so forth? would that be how it works?

using this pic?


just drew this up, tell me if im correct in this. after wiring it up, id be left with two outgoing controller cables, and whatever one is plugged in will work. right?

edit: took this pic from someone on the forum via google, don’t know who, but credit to them, and thanks


No need to splice the wires, just solder them directly to the pins on the underside of the Agetec pcb.

Don’t forget that the Saturn pad has two extra buttons than the DC, and you also need to connect the VCC & GND lines.


I’d mount the Saturn PCB in an external project box. That way, you can add support for a different consoles in the future and you wouldn’t have extra cords hanging out of you stick.