Chokietuss: The I choked at Evo Thread!

Well its been less than a month since Evo past and in the eyes of many it will go down in history as possibly one of the best Evo’s in the record book. Some have moved and bounced back doing it up on the local tourny scene again and others… well some people are on hatius (like myself) and others are still kinda pissed at themselves for Choking at Evo in some for or fashion. A little discussion me and Sanford were talking about post Evo and how ALOT of people were choking so hard and having a good laugh about it, even on ourselves for Choking That Shit UP!
Me vs Watson in AE winner advances to top 16…Game 1 his Hyper Ryu got at me. Game 2 last round and Im up a good 35-40% to his like 5% all I had to do was chipp and OOOOOH MY GOD!!! Kocked me down and oh noooo! Got crossed up…setup into throw into chip…death!:wasted: That would have tied it one one at least and he may or may not have switched off but Got fucking dammit…I chocked that shit up! lol
It happens nonetheless, people play themselves when theyre fighting on local turf or they’re coast but when you have to fight at Evo where it means so much more it hurts…Ahhhhhh

Choking(Fighting game terms): Having a match or set won and then freezing up and or losing form of thought or concentration. Mostly psychological but not all the time.

Other Phrases:
The Art of Choking
Choking it up

This is quite possibly the stupid yet funniest post ever. I can imagine you and Sanford in the romm laughing your asses off talkinga about how yall choked so bad.

Sanford: OMFG sure I’m lost to Row. Yo I DHC, like nothing happen.

Jeron: LAUGHS!

Sanford: Then Duc owns me free…what is this?

Jeron: LAUGHS! What are you talking about I had Watson but…((Looks at Sanford))

Sanford and Jeron: ((Breaks out Laughing))

You guys must have been done on something that night. good stuff.

Heck yeah add me to this thread! I went 0-2 at EVO :sad:

I lost to a fellow named Spencer who was from England. They have CvS2 competition over there??? Well apparently his Rugal dive punches had 10,000 points of intimidation against me and I got served. I had a full meter A-blanka and could have activated at anytime but I was nervous and I never saw anyone throw as many dive punches as he did and was not ready for it. Not with A-blanka, at least…I was laughing to myself the first few times I got hit but when he did the super after one of the later ones I started to panic…

The surprising upside to this was after the match, he saw how dejected I was and offered for me to “get my revenge” via casuals haha…so we talked for a good while and he was a cool guy. He got to play BAS after his win over me and he was genuinely excited to have that priviledge. I played BAS in casuals many times and never won hehe. So yeah…if I would have beaten Spencer I’m not so sure I would have had the good experience of meeting him so my loss was not a total loss.

Yeah I owned him up in casuals hehe. Sorry my ego was dying to have that on there somewhere. Anyway I also lost all of my money matches but not all of them were chokes. I also choked at a local tourney before EVO. I tend to do that nowadays! :sad:

Ahh but it was a fun experience…:smile:

Does it count that I feel shitty every time I think about how I totally choked on Mario Kart?

It didn’t even hit me until like Sunday night playing some casual matches that I hadn’t even practiced at all. Considering I hadn’t played anything at all for weeks before Evo and was playing with the green Agetec DC stick, I did pretty well in MvC2 (went 2-2). But yeah…bad. Rusty. I’ve heard people talk about how once you’re good at a game, you don’t need practice and can get right back on the horse and win again. Those people don’t know what they’re talking about. I’m not even good and I was playing sub-par for the entire weekend.

You didn’t get hit by a blue shell on the final race of the semis with a possible tiebreaker on the line, like me. The difference between $750 and $500.
me cries


me vs genghis game 2.

So i think I played Emphy in my 3s pool’s losers’-semis(Knit raped our entire pool for free in winners’)…

It was game 3, round 2 (i took the first round), he was about to die(one more right makoto-guess), and mis-timed a meaty on his wake up REALLY badly… enough to give him a free throw-> aegis set-up. I completely botched the tech-roll, so i got to pray that i could parry out of an unblockable. This didn’t happen… i ate a nice combo. And then… here comes another unblockable set-up-- he hit the UB knee-drop thingy into another combo. By this time, I could hear the team whales combo-video music in my head. Somehow, he had enough meter for a THIRD aegis-- repeat unblockable setup #1-- K. fucking O. I felt pretty demoralized by then… i don’t even remember round 3.

Best Evo Choking momenr: Evo East Rashan(ORG) vs Justin Wong.
Rhashan gets at Justin game 1, game 2 he hits Justins Magneto or Storm with Rocket Punch Super, repeats, follows up with a …Launch, air combo Rocket Punch…lets Justin land…No fierce Roundhouse afterwards, then Justin somehow gets away DHC and ends up winning the game. Third Game Rashan had him again and it was mad quiet…all you heard from Rhashan was OH MY GOD!!! Mad loud!:rofl: :rofl: that shit was too good. Other choked matches that should have went the other way…
Josh Wigfall vs Justin: Evol East
SmoothVyper vs Soo Might Money Match: Evol World
and alot others… cmon ppl dont act like your perfect and played A class performance 100% at Evo, everybody choked it up in some way. Were all grown up enough (most of us) to accept it and move on from it. I personally find it hilarious though. Haha

At least you got hit by a blue shell. :slight_smile: I just drove into walls. A lot.

  • James

Yeah I choked. Everytime I lost a character to sanford.

sanford “he had the perfect meal, artichoke and sloppy joes” lolol

<----victim of chokietuss

oh the irony.

I feel ya. Some other ones I saw (no offense to people):

valle vs daigo 3s- i mean shit, daigo missed everything.
valle vs daigo AE
pyro vs kofiend 3s
Jeron in the Mario Golf challenge,
Josh Wigfall vs Duc semis mvc2.
DSP vs Tokido AE
Justin vs Issei 3s


There’s only one real one in there…and it’s pretty easy to guess if you watch match vids.

Justin Wong vs Raoh, Game 3.

Raoh is like…, no super,, no super,, no super… and then Justin is like…, super. GG Raoh. =(

haha i remember that. although justin was fuckin up in that match too.

I fucked up like 3 times against KSK, and he wasn’t about to let that shit slip…

-this is pigadoken btw

i choked like a monster against rf in 3s when i missed low forward uppercut/super 3x against his chunnie when she whiffed throw…

i choked against knit in cvs2 when i did the super motion too fast after a st fierce from cammy thus losing me the match…shit

i did c.short, NO s.jab, dp with sagat
then hak creamed his pants and took the win.

As soon as I heard I was gonna face Daigo first round…immediately choked and it was pure death from there…the other guy I knew i couldve won against him…but i just lost the will to fight…BAH!

I, too, choked?possibly because I was using a PS2 pad, which I haven’t used for 3S in a long time. It’s not so surprising that I lost my matches (my opponents were straight up better than me), but I didn’t have to do a lot of the stupid shit I did (like reversal EX Slash Elbow 78958906 times).

I lost to some bitch