Choose Your Roster

A new fighting game arises. Each of you is allowed to pick one member of the roster. No one is off limits, as long as they have appeared in a video game before. To make things more interesting, you cannot choose someone another forum member has already picked. Who is your choice?

Angry Video Game Nerd
B. Orchid
Blue Mary
Ivan Ooze
Mai Shiranui
Moe Szyslak
Pet Shop

Mai Shiranui.


Blue Mary with a shoto style projectile.


Omega tom hanks

Black Orchid



The Villager

^You rat bastard…

Damn it Manx.

I raise.

someone explain plz :s

Most broken fighting game character ever.

What in the world did I just watch…

Glitter the movie.

Well at least it wasn’t Omega Tiger Woods. Or super rare Akuma

Fan games don’t count for the purpose of this exercise.

So then does that mean my vote doesn’t count?

Cause if it Doesn’t I’ll go with Diesel from shaqfu.

No but for realz, Rare Akuma is like the ONLY good Mugen character.

and just because

I don’t know who this is.

EDIT: Oh, it’s Negative Man from Mother 3.