Choose your TAC partner(new tech?)

So I was messing around in training mode today when I found out a way to choose the partner you air tag to. This can be useful for obvious reasons. You know how the assist that you didn’t call recovers more quickly than the one you did? If you air tag right when the uncalled assist recovers, that’s the one that will come out. Anyway, I don’t have a way to record this so I’ll give you guys a simple example:


S, j.S, A1(Slant Shot), Low Shot, Ghost Butterfly, S, jH xx Air Tag

Hawkeye comes in instead of Spencer due to the timing of the tag after the slant shot assist. If you make combos with slightly different timings, you can choose the assist that comes in. This can help you avoid anything from chip deaths to bad matchups, as well as skip to a more TAC-friendly character for combos without risking a second TAC.

I was going to correct you because of how I remember it working differently in vanilla, but I just tested this in Ultimate and you do seem to be correct. Air tagging after the unused assist recovers but before the used assist recovers will bring in the unused partner, regardless of his position in the order. IIRC, in vanilla, if you used up an assist in a combo that prevented you from ever tagging to that teammate for the rest of the combo. Am I mistaken?

Same thing works with THCs (team supers not dhcs), but only if you have 2 meters.

I use it with my Iron Fist/Frank West/Dante team. Land a combo into crumple with IF, tag in Frank, do a decent combo into hard knockdown. Call IF and otg with camera. Do the roundhouse for a hard knockdown. Team super with Dante and take 2 photos for level 5. Works at the start of the match. It won’t work like this if you have 3+ bars though as IF is still recovering.

I also use the TAC switch for Wesker/xxx/Phoenix teams. Once you have enough bars where you wanna bring phoenix in via TAC you can do a Wesker launch combo, then otg and use assist 1, then launch into TAC to phoenix. If you have 3.5 bars and you think they’re not mashing down+S do a down TAC and get your 5 bars. It actually makes sense to bring Phoenix in now when you have 5 and let her die, cause when she comes back in last, you always have air x-factor (can even super into x-factor if you end up saving one up). Still depends on the flow of the game of course.

I posted about this in Vanilla thinking it was new tech as well. It actually appears in the Bradygames guide

I still think this is an underexplored option, especially when you have Wesker on point. It’s normally very hard to get a 1 touch kill, but with an exchange that switches team order you can probably do it