Choosing a character, I need your help!

I don’t know if this the right place to make this thread, if it’s not, please move it to it’s rightfull place.

I’ve been maining Akuma for some time, and I hate the most, that I have to take some risks, and as a result get punished, so with a lot of frustration I came to the conclusion that I want to learn an alternative character. (I’m not droping Akuma)

I want your help to point out the character that is closest to the characteristics I write below.
Note, it doesn’t have to be necessarily a character with all the characteristics together, just say " Zangief is the one with the most stamina" for example. So:

  1. Safest moves in the game
  2. Best pressure game.
  3. Most solid, meaning you gain control of the space, and in general you don’t have to risk or rely in mixups to iflict damage.
  4. A character with little need of character specific knowledge. Meaning a character unlike Akuma, who requires so much character specific knowledge (eg. This link whiffs on that character etc.)

The ideal answer would be a character with the combination of all the above. I don’t care about execution difficulties, nor damage output.

PS: Hmm, my description sounds like Ryu…

your description sounds like the mighty m bison.


its a term the mighty bison uses.

Why not Fei long? His Rekkas are pretty safe.

I don’t think u r gonna find a character that fits all the criteria perfectly but I reckon

Ryu, Seth, Guile or like others have said Bison

seth has nothing safe

black hole sucky inny thingy.

besides, hes so mindless and easy he might as well have a safe srk to along with his other mixup nonsense.

you can jump this fucking hole and punish hard. two times - seth dead. guess OP is not looking for that type of a character

bison seems more suitable, and he has zero mixups so he will not have to take a risk

if you want to put it that way then sure… but you can basically jump punish anything, including bisons scissor kicks and fei’s rekkas and so on.

besides, you go watch 50 replays with seth and i bet you’ll maybe find 1 where someone jump punishes that.

i see your point. its just that i have easier times throwing scissors, than using tanden engine :d

Your description sounds the most like Seth or Bison. Try out those two first. See if they fit your likened playstyle. On second thought, try Bison first. Seth is a little advanced for beginners.

[LEFT]Ok, I’ll try out Bison, but I’m impressed most of you suggested Bison and none Fei Long…[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Anyway, thank you for the help.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]PS: @xEGAxBeastkingx:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]I’m not a beginner, I’ve been playing this game for a while, I just haven’t got very good knowledge about all the characters…[/LEFT]