Choosing between Sticks

I’ve never bought a stick for a console before, and I would like to get one because I’m constantly playing fighting games and I think it could help me out.

I’ve been reading all the threads and the majority of them talk about building your own sticks or the difference between American and Japanese parts and so on. Since I’m new to this and basically I just want to try it out, I’m looking for something I can already buy and play without having to build it myself or modify it. I would prefer to get something that is not too expensive but wouldn’t mind paying more for something that is more reliable and would give me a better experience over time.

I’m looking for something for the ps3, and I found these two options right here:

For what little I understand the Soul Calibur one should be good because is a Hori stick, and at $35 it sounds like a great price. The one thing I don’t like about it is the way that the buttons are lined up, makes it seem like the right hand would have to be at an awkward position while playing.

The Mayflash is even cheaper and seems to have a better button layout, but I’m afraid that the price might be because the quality is not as good or something. What do you know about this brand?

Which one would you recommend, or do you think I should try another kind. Thanks in advance.

I seen the Mayflash selling on ebay for cheaper than that website and shipping will prob be cheaper too.

Send me a PM and when I find it I’ll PM you the link. (I’m pretty sure he’s selling it for $25.00 brand new)

The quality on both those sticks is pretty low. You get what you pay for; neither uses real arcade parts. Get this instead:

Though the buttons are hori knockoffs, the stick is a real Sanwa JLF. The buttons are easy to mod out later if you decide you want to.

I just saw one sell on ebay for 81$ and free shipping.

@Starcade: what would be the difference in the feel of these buttons and the real hori or any other I could mod for. Would that make a big impact while playing, or is there a matter of durability. Same thing for the two sticks I mentioned above, when you say that the quality is bad do you think that it would bring problems in terms of input of the commands, durability, both?

@Rugedman: that would make it a little easier for me to get if I can find it at that price. I’ve seen those sticks in some sites but it seems like the release date wont’ be until the end of December at around $100, or there is the option of the white one released in japan for $130:

The problem of getting one that expensive is that since I haven’t used an arcade stick for games at home I wanted to find something that would just get me the feel of it to see if I like it or not. I don’t want it to be like when I thought it would be a good idea to learn how to play tennis so I bought a really expensive racket and after a month I never touched it again :stuck_out_tongue:

At the same time I wouldn’t want it to be something that would break after a month or that wouldn’t be any better than playing with the dual shock, so I was wondering if there is a stick that people would recommend for beginners while still getting the job done. Would the pro stick 3 be it?

Thanks for the replies

i’d go with the hori

is the japanese hori sticks compatible with american ps3s?
seems weird play-asia has a japanese version and american version of the same stick for differnt prices

edit: wow the white hori real arcade pro 3 has 70 dollar shipping

The problem is of both feel and durability. You can get by at first with Hori buttons (though if you move up to Sanwa buttons, you’ll never want to go back), but I really don’t like Hori sticks at all. I feel like if you are buying a stick to get a feel for sticks, you should really get a good one. Knockoff sticks aren’t really representative of the feel of a good product, in my opinion.

It’s like someone who had never tried coffee trying instant first to decide whether they like coffee or not–chances are, they will dislike instant coffee, but that’s not necessarily representative of all coffee.

The thing about sticks I can’t stress enough: you get what you pay for. I would not even waste $30 on a cheap one. Just put it towards a proper stick.

s0bek: Yes. Actually, as a general rule, hardware peripherals are pretty well always compatible with machines from other places unless some physical change in the plugs prevents you from connecting them.

I was fine with a Pelican RealArcade stick for a long time. If you can find a PS2 -> PS3 converter I think this is a good option. The parts, while not the best by any means, are certainly usable. The stick is American style, but isn’t super stiff like Happ parts. The buttons are functional, I’ve never had a button stop working or fail an input, and they give a satisfying, clean click without much pressure. If I had to compare, I’d say the quality is definitely above X-Arcade parts, about parallel with Happ except without the stiffness. It comes in a nice, heavy duty wooden box with a compartment for cord storage. I can’t say anything about the durability except that it hasn’t broken on me yet. I’ve had it for about 2.5 years now, and that was secondhand used from a friend. (Actually now that I think about it he gave it to me because the start button was stuck. Easily fixed with a little lubrication and a spring stretch. But ever since then it’s been fine.) There’s one on Ebay right now for about $45 total.

@Starcade: I see what you mean and it makes a lot of sense. I can see why the hrap3 from amazon that you mentioned first is the way to go. I will have to wait a few months but I would be avoiding the higher price of the white Japanese version plus the crazy shipment costs. If I get into this whole stick thing I can also change the buttons for Sanwa ones a little later.

@GameKyuubi: thanks for the idea, maybe that could be an option as well and I could just go ahead and get it without waiting too long. The only problem is that I saw the thread about converters and it seems like the best ps2 to ps3 ones are no longer available. I saw some on ebay but now I have to find out if those are good or not. I should probably go ask this question in the other thread but does anyone know of a reliable converter for ps2->ps3?

Sorry for all the questions, but thanks to everyone for the info so far

:u: search for the user, Laugh, in the memberlist and send him a PM asking him to sell you a converter. It’s just as good as the pelican and he sells it for 27 bucks shipped last time I checked.