Choosing joystick


Hi, im looking for a quality arcade stick (HRAP3, Fight Stick TE like) to play Wii (Tatsunoko vs Capcom) and PC (MAME, Nebula, SFIV…) without problems, not planning to play in other game platforms. I would like to use the same stick to play in both platforms without modding the hardware, preferable lagless adapters but i didnt find the best combination for that.

I already devoured the faqs and important post but i havent found yet a clear answer for my problem so i hope you can help me.


you can look for a PS2 stick and a USB adaptor for it, which will also let you play on ps3 were you to get one, as well as a PS2 to Gamecube adaptor which would let you play TVC and any gamecube fighters you may have (soul calibur 2, CvS2). Another less reliable option if your pc has bluetooth is to download GlovePIE which would allow you to map functions to a wii remote to use on your pc and get the TVC stick. I’m not 100% sure on the latter option, so experiment with the program before you make any purchases.


Get a HRAP 1/2 and adapters for PS3/USB(InPiN) and Gamecube(Joybox??), is the easy way to go


Hi, thanks for the answers. Im unable to find the ps2 versions of these joysticks. Do you think buying the Mayflash Fighting stick and replacing the buttons and joystick will make a good controller (no tournament)?


if you are talking about the all-black version of the Mayflash Fighting Stick, they are not easy to mod. iirc you have to dremel down the holes, and do some soldering as well. and i don’t think it would play on wii


Do you mind if I ask why you are unwilling to mod the hardware?

Are you willing to have a custom stick built for you?

If you use a MC Cthulu board, your stick would support:
PC, Wii, Gamecube, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Xbox 1, Ps1, Ps2, Ps3, all with one board.


Get a TvC stick and then the Mayflash Wii to PC adaptor. The TvC stick’s parts are good enough for a starter stick (better than SE/Hori FS) and if you do feel the need to mod, it’s an easy swap job.


Interesting, so with the TvC joystick and this adapter i can play in both systems. The adapter is lagless?

Strogg, im not unwilling to mod the hardware but i dont have the tools to make the stick from zero that why i thought about buying a cheap and replace the parts.


Wii stick works on PC get glovepie(free software), it thinks the stick is a classic controller, this will only work if you got bluetooth on your computer(most do). This is how I play SWRS, and GGPO on my computer now.

If you need any more info or something just OM it works great.


Gamecube sticks work on the Wii for TvC right?


Yes, but I have never seen a GC stick, plenty of PS2->GC converters though.


I’d personally go with a PS1/2 stick and get the adapters (Inpin, Joybox) for GCN/Wii/PS2/PS3/PC use or a MC Cthulhu. For more flexibility. You’ll never know.


Finally i have choosen the d3v option. The TvC wii stick plus Mayflash adapter. This combination is very satisfactory for playing Wii and Name games, no appreciable lag.

The buttons and stick feels loose and weak but the base is pretty solid and easily modeable so in future ill replace these components with better quality ones.

Thanks all for the answers, especially d3v.


If the stick feel s’loose’ you can tighten or replace the spring for a quick fix.