Choosing the other guy's character?


Kind of a silly question, perhaps, but with the little bit of time I’ve spent online, I’ve noticed that there’s a trend in which many players choose the character of the guy they just beat. I’ve gotten the impression it’s merely a case of “you suck; now let me show you how [insert character name here] is played.”

Do you think most folks genuinely get inspired to play the character they just beat, or are they just slinging monkey poo? It would seem like a really bad dudebro approach to online interaction.

(SSF4 reference, by the way.)


It’s either a coincidence, or they’re just showing off.
I have to admit I’ve been guilty of this numerous times though. (Holy shit your [character name] is terrible! Let me show you how it’s done)


Yeah I think its just people being douches.


Alternatively, if you don’t know how to play a character, they can just show you how it’s done.


often, playing against a character makes me want to play as the character…whether i win or lose. Sometimes it’s “you suck”, but only very rarely because I hate mirror matches and can’t take them seriously.


I don’t really win online but I’ll choose my opponents character the next fight sometimes.


I do it when i play someone who isn’t completely scrubby isn’t using something they clearly should be that would greatly improve their game.

  • you ever run into a person who focus attacks then sweeps or grabs every time
  • people who let you jump in with characters who you shouldn’t be able to jump in on.
  • people using combos far below their skill (sometimes you get hit with 3 shoryukens when a person has two bars and an ultra and they never even try to FADC)
  • people who don’t know their character’s good pokes

Basically using things that you aren’t to beat you in hopes that you “Steal” some of it
Its not always showing off sometimes its for your benefit so pay attention.


I once had a friend try to do that with Vega to me. I kicked his ass and he never attempted it again.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of coincidence (And you can sometimes tell by the BP they have with them. Bit weird if you’re say…4K Bison and they’re a 0BP Bison, meaning they probably don’t use them).


I had someone do that and he won, then kicked me out of the room. lol. I agree with BlackShinobi but more often than not this is a douche move. Still, who cares. I don’t even waste time sending messages or worrying about it.


Hmm sometimes watching someone else play that character makes me want to try it out for a round or two because it seems fun. Other than that, its more like, i know i can play this character better, X-Copy what you can.

No hate here…but i can see why.


Normally I just wanna be that character, but a lot of times it’s to be a douche. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I refuse to play with people who do that.


Why? How about you take it as a learning experience instead of being pissed about it? Maybe that person really is better than you and just wants to show you a few things.


Yeah definitely not, people just do it to show off and be an ass.
If i’m gonna learn anything, it’s not gonna be because some dude saw me lose a match and thinks he can out play me on the character I was using.


Sometimes I do that just to do it, especially with the flowchart Ryu’s and Ken’s. I’ll purposely hunt them down and run a mirror match with 'em.

Yeah, I’m evil. >:)


Who gives a shit if they’re being an ass? You can’t learn from an asshole being better than you? Or would you have to have the nicest possible person in the world baby you until you learn that is a good poke? I don’t get it, people don’t take shit talk and gestures like this like they should, at all. When I talk mad amounts of shit, I’m telling a person what they’re doing wrong, so why don’t people listen instead of raging?


You’d be surprised how much you learn getting your ass kicked with your own character.
I went through it a lot with Vega and it taught me a lot of what NOT to do in fights and what to do.
Some people are actually nice and just want to show you “Look, this is what you did wrong, try this instead because it works better.”


**@PapaRhino See, it’s not like i’m unable to watch other matches or anything. I’m saying under those circumstances I am not gonna put up with it, i’m sick of it.
And just because someone is teaching you something, it gives them no right to treat you like shit.

@Francys Pai Yeah i’ve only ever lost one Juri Clone match, and it was some dude that used the Feng Engine, I wasn’t use to countering it so I lost.
But after that I improved, dramatically. But still, if that guy faced me again he’d lose.

and it doesn’t really matter really, i’m just saying i’m not gonna put up with that stuff.
No need to be Super Rude Fighter IV.**


If they used the Feng Shui and hit you with it, chances are they knew what they were doing. So for all you could have known, it might have been their main in that instance.

She’s a pretty popular character, so you’re going to get mirrored quite often.

'swhy I love playing Vega because I bloody hate the mirror match laughs


I’m not gonna get into details, but trust me this guy was mad trolling.
But I think that wraps up my opinion about the subject, i’m gonna go get some soy milk.