Choosing the "RIGHT!" Character

I know there’s a thread about the reasons why people play the character they play, but the discussion is more on why they like the character. What I want to discuss here is how and why you came to your decision about choosing your top level character.

I was listening to something Pyrolee said in his video interview which was along the lines of “Pick one character and just learn them to their full potential. Then maybe move on to a second character.”

In a sense he’s right. In order to get good with a character you need to use them. The more of the time you spend playing the game using that character, the bigger the increase of your “ownage” factor will be.

When you sit back and think, it’s a big commitment. You already have the commitment of loving the game, but once you concider devotion to a single character, it makes you think of your efforts and look where it could be wasted.

But I also think it’s good to have a secondary character to fall back on, because once someone figures out your game you’re exposed even further. Of course this comes down to the fact if they can win or not, but that weakness is still there. But having another character can help with hiding your plans as you all know and can oftenly be the right choice.

But coming to the decision of picking one main guy just makes me look at all the other characters and think if the character I’m playing is infact the right one for me. So, how did you come to your decision? And did you have the same mind set of dedication as that?

Id pick a character that fits your style. If you enjoy playing defensive pick up Chun. If you like to have alot of options grab Ken.

I cant help it. I play Yun, Makoto, Urien, Ken, Ryu and I know a little bit with Oro, hugo and Dudley and a few others.

There just isnt much good comp here for 3s so if I use my best characters then it’s way too easy, no fun and I’ll get alot of bad habits at the same time.

My main problem is that although Yun is my main I sometimes have to rely on other characters like ken to win. Does that mean Ken is my best character? I guess it does, but I really dont like using him. And I really like Makoto, but against good players I cant rely on her. I guess I should just be spending time only on Yun and Makoto if I really want to improve with them. I think part of my problem is that since I dont play them as much, they dont feel as natural as they should.

I do agree with what Pyrolee says; that’s generally how I play any game. I learn the game on one character (or, in the case of a crossover game, 2 or 3 characters), and I learn them in and out, and learn the way the game works on them. And then, once I feel accostumed to the game, I try out other characters.

There is one thing I do different, though…Maybe this is a given, but before I decide on my character, I spend a fair amount of time trying out every character. You can imagine this was a bitch when I played SFA3 with its cast of damn near 30 characters, but I just start playing one by one until I find one that feels really, really comfortable.

When I started playing 3S, I thought that Chun-Li would be my favorite, easily; she’s my favorite in almost every game she’s in. But, I didn’t like how she played in 3S. I threw that out the window right away. Then, I thought “Oh, how about Ibuki or Remy?” cos they seemed to me like they’d be similar to playing Guy or Guile (two characters I really enjoyed) respectively, plus I liked Ibuki a lot in the few times I played 2I. Suffice to say, I was wrong on both counts, AND I didn’t like them. Finally, I played Elena, and for some reason, Elena made a lot of sense to me, so I stuck with her since then. I don’t really regret it; now that I’ve tried out almost every character in the game, I haven’t found one I liked better.

Another thing that’s important is to use your previous experience in games to rule out characters you DON’T like. For example, I knew when I started playing this game that I’d never really enjoy using Yun or Urien, because of their complex combos and traps. I’ve never liked characters that put an emphasis on technical mastery, but rather, I enjoy characters that put an emphasis on mixup games.

A defeat learned from is far better than an empty victory. When someone figures out your game, don’t think of it as a bad thing. I think of it as a ways to improve.

When winning becomes a regular thing, a lot of top players start to slack off and just assume they’re going to continue winning. I think John Choi said something along the lines of: “A loss once in a while keeps you humble and sharp.”

Since I want to continue to improve, I try not to “rely” on another character. I want to make my main character better so that I can overcome the obstacle/person in my way.

However, once you reach a very high level with your character and you are still having problems with a certain matchup, then yes, I would begin to learn another character, specifically the one giving you trouble. Learning that problematic character will allow you to better understand how that character moves, zones, thinks, and reacts to many situations. Utilize this new knowledge to alter your main character’s game for the better.

Also another reason to not have a backup character is that there is no character switching in Japanese tournaments! :looney:

Omg, Pyrolee! umm, can you give me some tips with the Yun vs Ken matchup. I usually have trouble getting in on him with Genei-Jin. And getting him off of me without it. If I get cornered it’s pretty much a wrap.

Sometimes it seems hopeless.:sad:

Extremely well put by Pyrolee. You said it all.

I think the “right one for you” is whoever you want. Just pick a character you like using/find interesting. I like to use obscure and underrated characters myself, but it’s subjective, noone can make that call but you.

To add on to what Pyro said, I think it’s easier to truly level up when sticking to the same character, because when u start learning deeper nuances of your character you start to realize deeper stuff in the game. If you just float around characters you never get to that deeper understanding. You become a jack of all trades, master of none.

I just don’t want to waste any more time. Most of my efforts have went towards execution, since I have no steady competition. I’ve spent most of my time dipping in and out of characters seeing what they’re about, practicing my executuion by learning their combos. But I’ve never yet devoted my self to one character. You see top level players who always seem to have “their” character that they use, but coming to that decision is pretty hard.

I take your advice like Pyrolee, it makes perfect sense. I’ve spent most of my time messing with the cast and deciding on a character is something I haven’t done yet, so I think I should do that. But deciding’s fucking hard, if I’m to pick someone and stick with them, I’d rather not regret my choice at a later date and further waste my efforts by ditching them and moving on to someone else.

Alright, I’ll start of by saying I recently got this game, and the first thing that I thought about was “Man, there really aren’t many cool characters in this game”.
I basically tried Dudley out right away, not beeing able to kick just feels badass to me. After basically just playing through arcade mode once or twice with him I noticed Akuma is a beast when the computer plays him (Which made me think that if you learn to play him properly he must be THE beast), I’ve also tried a bit Ryu but he just feels wrong playing with. Ken I had to try because everyone told me on forums and such that he’s the best newbie character, and sure, he’s fun to play, doesn’t make him more cool though, I don’t like him :\ Last I tried Yang and he was ok to play with, however I get the feeling that the only really usefull attack he has is his slashes, and that gets old fast.
It comes down to either trying to learn Dudley or Akuma properly for me, Akuma kind of frightens me though as “everyone’s” saying that he’s a hard character to learn for a newcomer. Dudley’s just really hard to play for me, I have a hard time learning juggles and I have a hard time coming in close to my opponents without using jump-ins, that’s basically my only attack, jump-in roundhouse linked into SA1

I still think in the end, it’s just about finding the character that feels comfortable for you. It might sound kinda gay, but you can feel it when you finally find it.

I´m a weak little fool. I started out playing Ken after watching some videos (prior to purchase of the game) to see what character I like. Yes, Ken was fun but I´ve also grown to like Ibuki and Dudley…and play other characters casually on the side. I can´t stick with just one because there´s no competition or arcade with 3S where I live. Gotta have a variety or I can´t hold interest in the game.

I’m a one character wonder. I can only play Elena b/c thats who caught my interest when I started playing 3S.

I liked to know others, but my problem is the lack of time needed to learn a new character. It took me close to two years to get where I am with Elena, and I because of other priorities, don’t think I can go back to sqaure one learning another character. For example, I was playing around with yang and thought “Damn, theres a ways to before I can be decent with this guy”.

Both Dudley and Akuma are 2 of the hardest characters in the game to learn. Actually, Ryu is hella fun to use in 3S. All of his supers can be useful at high level play (as opposed to same old SA3 Ken) and he has a lot of cool links/EX combos he can utilize.

Just play Yun and thats it
he IS the right char :wgrin:

Just think about what you want to get out of the game when you’re deciding on your main. Do you want to be the best in the world? If so, you should pick one of the half dozen best characters. Do you want to just mess around and enjoy the game, and who cares about tournaments? If so, you don’t really have to stick with one character. Do you like learning? If so, pick one of the hard-to-use and/or technically difficult characters. Do you want an intense intellectual workout? If so, pick one of the half dozen lower tier characters. Do you like doing fancy stuff? If so, pick one of the characters with cool juggles and combos. And so on.

There are a million different reasons to play fighting games, and all of them are valid if they’re what you’re into. Just try to figure out what your reasons are, and once you do, you’ll realize which couple characters are your best bets.

Man just pick someone whose style you like the most. It’s all about having fun. I’m a Hugo player and I think I’d be a much better player if I had wasted all my time on Chun instead. But I don’t regret it 'cause I’m using someone I enjoy using.

Hey, you might not win as many matches by not picking Chun Li, but at least you will be able to look in the mirror in the morning and still have self respect.

Ryu ftw, I’ve played him since 1992 in Champion Edition and I’ve only continued to play him from there on, the only competetive fighting game in which I do not use Ryu in is MvC2, and all of you should know very well why I don’t use Ryu in there:sad: . As for 3S, it’s no question, that I’ve stuck with Ryu, he’s always been the right character, because he’s usually as a whole, a very solid character. Pyro is very right on everything that he says, especially when you have trouble fighting another character, you pick that character up to play him/her to understand how they play so that you can better equip your main character against that character.

I do agree that to bootleg from 4 different characters or etc will limit yourself on the long run if you where just to stick to one single character and master him/her. Given, I do play other characters for fun, but the one whom I spend the most hours in serious play is Ryu. For me, it’s like a relationship, you have to really work at it, put your devotion to that character (don’t start thinking gay now), because that’s the only way he/she will truly bloom, the best formula comes from someone who sticks to one only, while the one who clings to so many will eventually have it all slip through their fingers…again, just a saying. Make the right choice.

well, it also hinges on, do you want huge combos, do you prefer big damage in a few moves, speed or power.
i’ve basically always used hugo, grabbing niggas for a quater lifebar is too good, and i dont want to risk fucking up a big combo in a match, hugo is mostly mindgames.
though i must admit, i do fuck around with dudley and ryu.

urien is a good character to play because he wears a thong, is mexican and has a superiority complex