CHOP! (Overhead options)

How does everyone follow up after a successful 2 hit over heap chop (close with akuma?
Ive been doing it more and more with akuma shenanigans but it seems I get destroyed unless I teleport out or srk after the second hit and it just feels scrubby to srk after the 2nd hit. What are other viable options after the second hit?


Yes, block. People tend to panic after suffering an overhead and start mashing shit. If I’m feeling brave, I’ll do a second overhead chop. :china:

i usually go for after an overhead…people seem to start blocking high after gettig caught with the chop so that usually works…if they’ll jump you’ll recover from the fast enough to block or even srk if you’re feeling brave

^time it right and you can get a cMP…and on counter hit combo into sweep or sHK I usually do a throw first in a match set then bait a tech and get my counterhit.

If you force them to block EX Air Fireball in a corner and you nail a F+MP afterward you can do a random uppercut FADC. Sort of a gimmick, but no one expects it. LP SRK usually works best since you’ll usually be at a difficult range for the others.

lol @ block. dont know what i didnt think about that. most of the times i get shoryu’d by shotos when i F.MP

I usually follow with cr.MK > hado or walk back and observe.

There’s no frame advantage, you’re at +/-0, so I usually do nothing and try to catch a pattern of the enemy’s response. If he tends to mash throw or lp/lk (like “haha, I’m going to interrupt you with a quick attack”), I walk back and far HK him. Now that I think about it, I haven’t tried demon flipping in after a successful hit.