Choreographing an epic match

Imagine using it for a trailer and making people think it’s a real match. What would make it epic?

Obvious traits: 3 rounds, both near death, full super-art parry.

My matchup would be Urien vs Ken.
Yun is too broken and the ‘aye aye aye’ just gets too repetitive and breaks the momentum of a fast paced match.
Chun Li - never exciting

-Uriens Aegis setups are godly and very entertaining to watch.
-Throw in one or two unblockables
-A air-reset that gets parried

Edit: Diago’s match was great but it was only one point and it was pretty obvious it was coming.

Making it choreographed makes it lose a lot of it’s flavor. Reason the Daigo match was so epic was that it was done during a real high level match. Also “Chun-Li - never exciting” isn’t true because Daigo v. JWong is Ken vs. Chun-Li. The only reason it would be “obvious” is that you saw it at a later date where you either knew Daigo won or someone was trying to show you “an awesome/impressive video.” To anyone in the audience at the time they would of thought Daigo was just going to get chipped out/miss the parry as that is what normally happens. Something that is unlikely is not “obvious” at the time. All a match needs to be epic is have clutch parrying and great play on both sides, several shifts of momentum during the match helps though.

Urien is a very boring character imo. I’m more impressed when someone parries out of an unblockable. How is doing a setup that isn’t difficult that garuntees most of a characters life enterataining? There’s no mixup, no guessing, no difficulty, It’s just Aegis into generic BnB with maybe a cool ender thrown in if your RX.

RX is entertaining, but not most other Urien players. As RX does more impressive combo’s and plays very intelligently compared to most other Uriens you see.

All around bad idea.

Also everything you said makes a good video is done by RX in every single match basically. Also really good Yun’s that reset to get more dmg from a small Genei-Jin combo have air-reset parry occur alot.

I beg to differ on it losing it’s flavor. A lot of combo videos are choreographed and highly entertaining. Most top rated matches are comprised of that one moment and that one moment makes the whole match worthwhile. There’s a lot that of seen that done that in videos already so why not attempt to make a video where you combine all the oh shit moments and make it into an art form? Wouldn’t you like to see what some top tier players/movie makers can come up with their perfect execution? And for the record, When I first saw the diago video, it was pretty obvious chun was going for the chip. The combo that ensued wasn’t expected but I knew he was going to parry the whole thing; partially because it’s on the internet so you know he wasn’t gonna get chipped to death.

Like you said, maybe a urien unblockable that gets parried makes for some entertainment value.

Messatsu’s freestyle brings the hype.


I think that Ryu or Alex can be counted as “exciting” characters to watch…

I mean, alot of Ryu’s combos look like they hurt alot, and Alex’s flash chop into Headbutt is just painful to witness…

A chereographed match between Ryu and Alex would be exciting IMO, since I find most grappler vs. projectile-character exciting…

BTW, have the Alex player win at the end though…

Saw some video by Maj in CvS2 about Legend of the Five Rings once that was fucking amazing. I don’t have the link, but it’s on YouTube somewhere. It’s all choreographed fights, looks so badass.

The JWong vs. Daigo moment was only exciting if you didn’t play the game at the time, and the crowd’s reaction. I mean, it was dead obvious Chun-Li was going for the chipp kill, with the two of them backing up and whiffing. The only people it wasn’t obvious to was the non-3S players, they didn’t know it was coming, and the people who just watched the cut video of the crowd and the parry. The rest of the match was mad boring.

There’s a reason most people who play 3S in the US now started playing after seeing that. Hell, if it wasn’t for the video made of it afterwards that 3S is so popular and SF4 actually exists.

A match like this should be Ken vs Ryu and it should end with red parried shoryuken that barely saves ken is countered with crouching fierce into lp shoryu kara double shoryuken and while they both have zero health left ken does the SA III and hit him with the last 2 hits for the juggle kill. Only thing is ryu breaks the game and parrys them and finishes with a kara demon off of his down mp move.

I thought the entire match was rather entertaining. Ditto on the popularity thing, though.

Oh yeah…no one ever got chipped to death by Chun Lis super…it was so obvious and every noob can parry it from the 1st hit…waiting for your vids doing this in an actual match…

I know that sounds dumb but that whole daigo moment would have never happend if chulin trew a chokogen or wtv that fireball is before the kick super.

He would have jumped cause it is blatantly obvious. CHun Lis SAII has some startup. Daigo had to parry point blank iirc to get the 1st hit. Fireball would have screwed this.

I don’t have any match recordings, but it’s not like parrying a super not comboed into (besides near impossible ones like out of Urien and Oro unblockable setups) is mind boggling and awesome, it happens, reguar shit, esp when dealing with Ryu’s Denjin

Keep in mind that the crowd’s reaction and what made the vid so awesome was more about a combeback happening in a hyped match like JWong vs Daigo, the thread maker is talking about making a choreographed match, have any two dudes do the same thing and you don’t have an awesome match

Well the point is you usually have to parry before you see the ‘super flash’. Chuns SA II at 0 HP is actually guranteed victory

nope. You can parry Chun’s SA2 after the superflash, though the timing is quite hard to get.

yeah my bad