Chow yun-fat request!

can someone make me an av of the pic below?.. if its possbile… could someone make the flames look like they are movin’ somehow?.. put the txt “50YEN” [yen symbol instead of Y]… thx

a better tomorrow pic

I will do this one.

<–check custom user title

haha nice title!.. thx for takin the request… cant wait to see it

av finally

nice you even got the reflections. top notch

Really nice!! :slight_smile:

I’m flabberguasted you even got the reflection in his glasses. Beautiful.

wow that is too good man… thanks alot!!!

that’s pretty damn good dude.

-I’m a huge fan of the better tommorow movies, so that av’s definatly pimp,


too good. that’s Eddie from #relaod good.

Holy shit, thats awesome!
You get 11/10

Haha if you look closely, you can see yun-fat’s nostril moves

Oh damn, thanks for pointing that out! I went back and fixed that as best I could.

Thanks for the feedback, guys.

Anyone here ever seen A Better Tomorrow 3? I didn’t want to take the chance on seeing it, since John Woo wasn’t involved in it. (to my knowledge) I just learned that it’s actually a prequel.

A friend told me that there is an American remake of A Better Tomorrow in the works. I hope he was wrong! :sad:

hot stuff as usual PS… loving the attention to details :slight_smile:

best avatar manip i’ve seen. amazing

:wow: Holy Moses!!! That av is awesome. Great job PsychoSquall… dood!

Ya, i got all three of them off of ebay in this chinese bootleg set of better tommarows. The third was pretty pimp…it was kinnda unlike the other two, and it was a prequel. Had a totally different feel from the other 2, because it takes place in vietnam during the vietnam war. Wasn’t as good as the other two, but it certainly had its good parts to it. There was a pretty good scene were chow-yun fat blows this vietcong’s head off…i think you can imagine the rest from there.

EDIT: An american version would be quite the gay, and it would ruin a great piece in hong kong cinema. Some of my friends thought the movies were a little stupid, but i always thought they were pimp. Sure at times the acting was kinnda redundant, but i have never seen as good of a preformance from chow-yun fat as i have in the first better tommorow.

I don’t see how you did that it’s too good,and the fire reflecting in the glasses is incredible.