Chris and Haggar

Hey guys, im currently using Haggar , Hulk(gamma wave), Chris(machine gun).
Had alot of great match’s so far but i cannot for the life in me time the OTG crH f+H from haggar into chris’s machine gun.
Could someone please forward me the exact timings of when i should be calling Chris as no matter what the opponent just doesnt get picked up OTG with it and its doing my nut in.
I have no problem doing it with any other character (normally run haggar, hulk, spence/hawkeye/phoenix) just chris and this team shows alot of promise.

BUM makes it look soooooo easy:(

What are you doing in the air before you otg? You need a hard knockdown from haggars S, instead of wild swing, to otg besides that you’re either doing it too slow or too fast just try different timings

well what i do is when im doing my fun haggar stuffs, i dont use a groundbound until the chris machinegun assist.
for example, c.L>c.M>hoodlum L>a.M>a.H xx Headbutt (as soon as you can after headbutt)> headbutt>L>M>Hoodlum L>a.M>a.M> a.H> air pipe > a.S (best to do this in the corner btw),> call in Chirs machinegun assist> wait a tad until you OTG dropkick into pipe. Since you ended the air series with a pipe into S, the pipe after the machinegun ends will groundbounce. Then from there i like to Hoodlum L> air giant swing, OTG xx Pipe xx THC with chris. the you go from there heh. if chris is your secondary character and you have 2 bars, thats a dead character

how do you Headbutt>Headbutt?